In the US, the unknown opened fire in a law office

An elderly man, who, according to relatives, is in the doldrums because of the recent death of his daughter and wounded five people. The police helped the three victims out of the building, two others were still inside.

Police spokesman told reporters that people in the building are considered to be dead, but it can be confirmed only after the police have access to the premises.

Police double-pumped into the building with tear gas and start the machine with a robot arm, and a walkie-talkie, to which the pensioner opened fire. Robot had to withdraw back.

Reports of the first shots came to the police at 23.20 MSK on Thursday, after which the building was surrounded by police squads and several dozen police cars. Mayor arrived at the scene of Alexandria.

00.45 MSK Friday winged police armored vehicle to the building, where Ashley opened the locked door, and the staff of the police special forces managed to get inside.

At 01.10 MSK from the building came the first casualty - Avodat Samille Giordano, who is doing surgery.

Police later helped to leave the office for two more victims - 49-year-old Sam Giordano, wounded in the chest, and the secretary's office 27-year-old Andrew Price, wounded in the leg, which is also taken to hospital.

At 01.38 and 01.50 MSK police used tear gas, but the offender continued to produce some shots.

At 02.30 MSK police tried to de-energize the building and using a megaphone to persuade the offender to surrender.

The last shots were heard inside the building at 06.30 and 06.42 MSK.

According to the information received, Ashley recently was depressed, his depression has intensified after the death of the daughter of August 2

63-year-old John Ashley was shot and killed during the storming of the law firm, where he barricaded himself with hostages.

Outlaw broke into a law office in the US city of Alexandria (Louisiana), shot dead by police during the storming of the building.

The assault began at 9:15 MSK; to break into the building, the police took five explosions. A few minutes after the explosion police spokesman Ronnie Besson said that the perpetrator killed Vedomosti.

Earlier, armed pensioner wounded three people and, presumably, killed two people, barricaded himself in his office and eight o'clock to shoot from the police. According to local media, the perpetrator of the incident - 63-year-old John Ashley was in the doldrums because of the recent death of his daughter.

His neighbor confessed: "I have never heard him raise his voice. And he was never aggressive ».

According to the mayor of Alexandria, a man broke into the law office, shot back to the last. After the assault the police also found the bodies of two men killed by a criminal.

Killed office employee Joe Giordano and Marty Fields - urban postman who delivered mail in the law firm just at the time when the perpetrator opened fire there, RIA Novosti reported.

Those who knew John Ashley, were extremely surprised by his behavior. "I never heard him raise his voice. And he was never aggressive, "- said his neighbor Charlie Gilmour.

A huge number of such incidents with shooting and hostage-taking in the US is due to the free sale of weapons in some states.

This is a matter in American society and political circles of heated discussions, but concrete action is still pending. The bloodiest case of shooting in public places in the history of the United States was "the Virginia tragedy." April 16th, 2007 a student of the local Polytechnic Institute 23-year-old native of South Korea in September, Hu Cho opened fire on staff and students of the university, killing 32 people.


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