Russian tourists injured in road accident in Egypt

Every year in Egypt in road accidents each year are killed approximately 6,500 people - is the official data of the Interior Ministry. Recently there have been several accidents involving foreign tourists.

So on August 4 in a traffic accident on the route Alexandria-Cairo suffered three Russians. One of them - 24-year-old Muscovite - had spinal cord injury and multiple internal injuries. Subsequently, she underwent expensive operation. As reported by the local police, the car pervernulas at a speed of 120 km / h due to the fact that one tire exploded.

Last summer in Egypt near the town of Abu Rudeys in the Sinai Peninsula in the crash were Russian and Ukrainian tourists. Their bus overturned on the road from Cairo, where tourists were on an excursion in the city of Sharm El Sheikh. According to local authorities, the cause of the accident was that the bus driver did not have time to slow down unexpectedly released on the roadway camel. When the driver turned the wheel sharply, the bus skidded and he fell. As a result, affected 12 Russian and 8 citizens of Ukraine. They were taken to medical facilities in Sharm el-Sheikh, but almost all were soon released due to lack of complaints and serious injuries. Under the supervision of doctors decided to leave only one girl who had a concussion.

In the autumn of 2005 a tourist bus in which there were 39 tourists from Russia, collided with a truck on the road from Cairo to Alexandria. Law enforcement authorities have established that the accident occurred due to poor visibility in heavy fog. The bus driver was killed and five local residents were in the cabin, injured 27 tourists escaped with minor injuries. They were taken to hospitals, but also soon released.


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