Glyuk'Ozy no more

Covsem soon, November 15, to present a new Glyuk'Ozu people. The former owner of the image, Natalia Ionov, made an incredible act - decided to embark on a solo voyage.

Just stay under the untwisted name does not work, because the brand name and symbols "Glyuk'Oza" account for producing the label "Monolith Records." Just like the repertoire, with whom Natasha became popular. At the moment, the actress under the name Glyuk'Oza simply does not exist. Natasha Ionov already it is not legally and factually.

In turn, Maxim Fadeev, who wrote for the project Glyuk'Oza songs, says that, despite the departure of ions existence of the "Glyuk'Oza" continues. And it has found a new lead singer. The direct answer to who she does not Fadeev. But the rehearsals are in full swing, and 15 November it will be presented to the public.

A young mother is preparing for an independent career under the pseudonym of Glu. But the company "PC Monolith" (named after the owner Glyuk'Oza) has filed an application for trademark registration "Glu" and others, "okologlyukoznogo" content.


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