Forgiveness of the Shrew

How to learn to love a man who is madly in love not only you, but ...


If you're willing to share his passion for favorite TV football, hockey and Olympism separate! - Calls Stanislav Gridasov, chief editor of "PROsport." - But if the idea of ​​a joint viewing World Cup makes you uterine nausea and dizziness, do not take his head off and invest in a second TV. And while her husband shouts at the judge good mate and sending sms-ki other husbands, you are quietly watching soap operas and reading books, wrapped in a blanket in the other room. "

Her mummy

I live with my mom, and it is for me the closest person in the world - says the actor Konstantin Kryukov. - No matter how much joking on the subject in the jokes, whatever my mother and her son were no relationships and no matter what you say your man, in the end he always listens to the views of my mother. The primary objective of the girl after she became friends with a young man - to win the trust of his mother. The easiest way to do it - to prove that from now on there is someone to take care of his son. For example, my mother came to the site of the film "Company 9", was simply amazed by the comfort that the blue managed to create my girlfriend - and fell in love with it ».


I and professionally, and his heart a huge amount of time and effort to spend eating, - says restaurateur Arkady Novikov. - Women who refuse to eat, constantly dieting and openly talk about it cause I sincerely pity,
and those who are afraid to try new dishes and unusual combinations of foods - surprise. If your boyfriend likes to eat, and you, on the contrary, do not deal, to give him his share, and he would be happy to do it for you. But together with you. "

Pump iron

Healthy and well-groomed body today is not simply a measure of right living, but a sign of success - said TV presenter Andrey Malakhov. - I go to the gym four times a week, I go in the morning or between ether. If your man pays as much attention to the figure, use his experience - go with him to the gym, ask to see a couple of exercises and study together - it would be nice. You strengthen and muscle and attitude ».

Cars and Motorcycles

I recently purchased a jeep and immediately fell out of the sex life - says the singer Sergei Lazarev. - The upholstery of two-tone genuine leather handmade, huge 20-inch alloy wheels, 24 speakers and a subwoofer - as you can it's not to love ?! Girls understand - the guy must be a vent in this hard life! »

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