Wishing evil to other people, you punish yourself

Why all the psychologists insist that we should all be forgiven? "Search" my shadow in the Jungian tradition involves finding the most disgusting character, our opposites. Many well-known mechanism of projection in the other person's desires, feelings, personality traits, and so on. We often notice in others traits that we do not recognize in yourself. And yet, recognize them in this way, through rejection. Our mind, our ego, tells us that we are different, we are good, and not like the neighbor who "rip and drop", but emotions give the signal that you have something in common, if there is a reaction of soul and body in the form of uncomfortable feelings.

Our deep (animal and reptilian) brain, which is responsible for emotions and endocrine system of the body, not too distinguishes the symbolic from the real. Based on this analysis of dreams and other projective techniques.

The unconscious finds "itself" the world symbolically. For example, as reflected in the other person. And when you want that unpleasant for you, man of evil, your body is only one (your own ) body, which it can carry out your intention. Wishing evil to another person, you punish yourself. For the unconscious there is no other – is your "reflection" in the other.

This is the mechanism of "return of the curse", about which people say "it will come back" to the abuser. There is a great likelihood that this is the "curse" as a wish for trouble, never "took" from you at all. Emotional part of you (inner child, the part which thoughts pictures and images) are not distinguished by symbol (projection) of reality, and executes the command literally, at the level of the body, which this team gave.

The state of the offense involves your suffering, and even more, if offended you not "Virovitica" and not noticed that you're upset. All the negativity from you. The more angry the worse to you. And who did you punish?

And the worst part is that, according to psychologists, more and we must all forgive for all the wrongs.

Why all the psychologists insist that we should all be forgiven? Are there any catch in this action? To heal the wounds of blood, and it is to cover up like a tree with whitewash, and like a hollow to be in this tree? His genius, perhaps? It is written as "a tooth for a tooth", and I'm not a Mother Teresa to forgive. "And, indeed, I have forgiven this beast, scoundrel, to so it that way."

Who are you in this act of "forgiveness" wish "either way"? And for whom you need forgiveness, if "the hollow tree". One who is offended may be unaware of the offense, and not even confess in front of you, thus deepening the "hollow".

Forgiveness is an act of getting rid of negative emotions that you feel for another person, and "using" mechanism of projection suffer from them yourself. Therefore, psychologists say that asking forgiveness of the offender, and the one who offended and found the strength to forgive.

About "find the power to forgive" is a separate issue in terms of "forgave the scoundrel." Even if you understand the harm you and your resentment, to forgive can be difficult. Especially if you think about it from the point of view of common sense. This really is how to apply whitewash "benevolent intentions" on the rust, which, under the whitewash will corrode the metal. It looks all nice and chocolate, and inside...the wolves howl...

This is because the "cursed" we are in the hearts, in a special state of consciousness, in the heat, even in anger, and so on, but just thought up from the mind, decided the rational approach.

And learned positive affirmatio that Goldoni from morning to evening, and still not in store. Compare for yourself. All negative intentions are realized almost always. And positive affirmations have filled many a blister on your tongue. What's the difference? Fans of literature on the creation of intentions, you just say –able.

And in the purpose. After all, the goal of forgiveness is to get rid of uncomfortable emotions, poisonous life and prevents immersion into the most emotionally blissful state in which positive affirmations work.

Feel the difference of these States and to let go of resentments in the phrase "personal negative experience" possible in the immersion in hypnosis or active imagination. These techniques allow us to produce work at a deep level, and bypass the critical thinking of the rational mind.

What gives forgiveness of injuries?Think about what "wishes" you send enemies correlate with what you have. (Or what "you have"), the answer will come automatically. published


Author: Irina Panina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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