Life without a head: Pull the charm

Not to be fascinated, not to razocharovatsya again about control. Not only in a business context for managers and in the personal, for women.
Few who understand that personal, even the most romantic or crazy relationship, there's control. It is for everyone, if not ososanya, intuitive at the level of instinct, of animal origin. Who has this control is better and he runs the relationship. And where this person will lead the relationship?...

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If you do not know himself, then the Creator is definitely known.Control at the animal level, leads to the development of relations on an equal level with all the consequences (the struggle for power/domination, the status, conflicts, duplication, etc.). High ratios here does not smell. The probability certainly is, that they will rise above will be a deep, bogomilsky, but too small this probability.Therefore, a situation arises where the couple "love is", did not come.All natural: love the animal level short, all the instincts programmed.

So, about control.

The seminar for women "women of Mystery": in the beginning of the workshop asked participants to identify the most important question they want to answer. Women begin to talk and ask. I write down questions. The group, having reached the last question the last participant detects a pattern in all matters of the group. It is:

  • Unmarried care about how to please a man, to charm him. And that's all.
  • Married concerned about is how to make husband liked (again) to frustration retired from family life and firmly take root respect. And then life will unfold.
First worry about tactics. The second worried about the strategy.

Conducting a women's seminar, I had noticed this pattern. Women from different cities, different ages, dreaming about marriage, you want to please and do it very well (women have many tricks and secrets). Men choose them. Ask women: "choose men?"Answers, except "sex, originality, legs-chest-eyes, soul", no.
Of course, our society may appear, for example, the notion of spirituality in the relationship!? Sincerity — Yes, maybe, but not spirituality.

To such an understanding was in the minds of the young and not only young persons, it should be in life, in society. Parents should lead by example. Grandma needs to talk about the deeper meaning of the Union of a man and a woman who suffered herself. Society must maintain traditions, and so It is not the fault of women, it is unfortunate that the lost understanding of the underlying values of the Union men and women.

The society firmly commits us to the level of the animal in all matters, just try to escape from there without a guide. From this woman and shy in different ways, a La-crawfish, quickly to get married, Vedic bitchiness and training, where the head is also poorly include pumping the behavioral patterns of the animal without understanding what is in the future they will lead. What stories to tell, sometimes, you wonder how it was possible to believe it, to be guided and wait for something to track.

Eighty eight million seven hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred two

If there was an understanding that relationships are a path to spiritual development, and his partner, what kind of spirituality is always control and limitation, and without them not to come to spirituality, women might say that the man chooses not only on the animal level female,he chooses the one with the better control, with the help of which he can improve his control, to evolve spiritually. This is a metaphysical level of relations, which completely washed out of fields of knowledge. People are losing or not looking for, or not find the meaning of life, therefore all the other senses, which should be included in the unified meaning of life, also lost, remain at the level of "everything", "I can't", "lonely", "give birth to himself", "to fall at my feet", "could seduce any", "all goats", "whatever happens, happens»…

So women are making the same mistakes, experiencing his misfortune. So carefully we're talking about control, in a simple way... If women for marriage did little else, for example, not so much sought to show themselves, but would like to know the other, they would not have to be disappointed in their husbands — not to be fascinated, not to be disappointed.But the thirst for charm is stronger than the desire to see the reality, alas... Life without a head. published  


Author: Elena Romanova


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