Home life of a shelter for 33 koteek

We are often asked if we do not get bored on the farm))
Tell our day, such as the day before. In the morning light came verification. Left, an hour had passed, the men came to cut wood, walked another hour arrived neighbor, sat for three hours, only she left, came postwoman sat too 1 hour, 5 -2)
Once all gone, we relaxed a neighbor came to repair and washing machine) We have some garage with pit. So, we do not get bored, we have a feeling that we are not on the farm and in the center of Moscow)
And since today's holiday. Children come to pet cats and play with the dog)
The nearest house from us 1, 5 km) Nobody stops)
We sorrow, instead of our favorite feeds Meow had to take food Czech Milus, meow was not. TCI said that we would do it ate)) try to break them, three days they stood astride the bowl, do not eat. Scandals require porridge soup and Meow. Opened them last bag Meow, they are happy, so we'll have to order unscheduled Meow, since he arrived)
40 pieces will be photo
Opened meow)

2) At the bottom of the transparent bag, it milus, this much they ate for 4re day. While the meow eaten for 2, 25 and next to the bowl meow.

3) Prior to the opening 10 minutes, meow, Musorinka eats boiled potatoes) on this our patience is over)

4) Orange ate Gracious)))

5) Battle for meow)

6) until it was meow, Goloduny))

7) melt furnace, the people of joy))
Yes forgot try to agree that we would milus changed, but not assured of success)

8) The furnace was a trial, it was two nights at -12. Now + stable, so now the cats require oven, and the evil we do not drown, home and so hot)

9) Bread oven)

10) Boole ballet dancer)

11) familiarity with the stove

12) gnats overheated on the stove)

13) Duck and drugs requires circuses, or rather walk) Kopych hello !!!

14) Loew in sadness) I do not remember who asked Levu, but still a big hello)))

15) looked out the window, and there Tasia swinging on apricots. So I had to go for a walk))

16) They saw that we dress)) requires spectacles, walking quickly) Do not forget, in the door hole, they can go by themselves, but no, just not interested. Gnats while under cover, slurps tea)

17) leaves to walk) all gray, we were stuck in timelessness)

18) Bug in ambush)

19) Gluck and Homa

20) Go

Find 21 Yusyu. Mimicry in action))
Imprint, Sberbank card 4276-8400-2141-3776 kiwi + 7-985-162-44-42. Thank you all very much !!!

22) Luheriya in povalyasikah)

23) Woof and dullness

24) Sunset Pepin)

25) Any interesting in Kushiro)


27) Solnyshkin plume)



30) Grandpa Wawa, Passion hello !!!

31) tusnya

32) After meeting with the trace of a wild boar, perky zasobiralis home))

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33) We invite hunters with large gun)) to say the least not very nice, it 500stah meters from the house)


34) Sunset

35) and Fyodor Kryseyka)

36) going home

37) Glyz! Natalka hello!

38) Fefelov! Matrona and Frosya hi))

39) Gnezdokotey

40) Musorinka

41) The child went to the dog)))

42) Goat and Goat)

43) Bull and tea)

44) Everyone is invited to light and borschechok) All!


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