9 unique structures (16 pics + text)

Probably building technologies are developing very fast. Plus billion dollar companies are trying to outdo one another in an attempt to create another outstanding futuristic design, building skyscrapers mile high and buildings that no longer look like buildings.

Below you will see nine buildings that have already been approved either, or in the final stages of signing. Some are already partially assembled.

Welcome to the landscape of the future!

1. Aqua, USA.

From a distance this skyscraper, which will be completed in Chicago in 2009 to be no different from the others. The difference will be noticeable only if to get closer - a wavy effect, which dostilgi placing variegated balcony over the entire surface of the structure.

2. Chicago spire, USA.

The phenomenon of Chicago spire, which will be built by 2010 that it will be the highest residential building in the world and the tallest building in the Western world. Design seems inspired by the way the drill, which drilled the ground. Building height will be 609 meters and the structure will dominate the Chicago general background of the sky.

3. Management of CCTV, China.

Of course at a modest height (234 m) CCTV building is not particularly stand out in the distance. But the design and shape of this miracle will decorate the sky Beydzhina already during the Olympics 2008. The form described as a Z-ass advance is not supported by anything in the center of the corner of the building. Hopefully, there will be glass floors.

4. The Regatta Hotel, Jakarta.

Made in a nautical theme. The developers say that 10 small towers symbolize sailing ships and large - the lighthouse. If they do everything well and place - is a terrific spectacle.

5. Residence Antilia, India.

The construction of this building began in spite of the opposition, which is considered inappropriate, such buildings in the city, where more than 65% of the population lives in slums. If you do not think about the political infighting, after the shock of a skyscraper that resembles a bag disks IKEA, this building will seem very interesting, unique and fresh works of contemporary architecture.

6. Tower Russia, Russia.

By the end of construction in 2012, Russia Tower, equipped with a viewing platform with fantastic views of the Russian capital, is the most vosokim building in Europe - twice as high as the Eiffel Tower. The construction of the faceted monster has already started design was created by Foster & partners.

7. Penang Global City Centre, Malaysia.

After months of debate and oppozitsionirovaniya, this stunning project is in the final stages of signing and is likely to start construction soon. Given the size of the project, it will take at least 15 years to complete it. Recalling city of the works of science fiction, this complex will be crowned by two 200-meter towers and will completely change the landscape ostovka Penang.

8. The headquarters of Gazprom, Russia.

This gigantic, 300-meter-long glass flame will lodge management of Gazprom in St. Petersburg. His appearance will do everything around the house dwarfs. During the day, it is 10 times to change color depending on the position of the sun. The unfortunate natives have given the building the nickname "ear of cornĀ».

9. Burj Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This is a giant! The following year, when he finished it will be the largest structure built by man in the world, estimated height - 818 meters. For information: currently the tallest building on the ground (without antenna) - Tayyip 101 in Taiwan, whose height - 509 m. In the photo below - the current state of construction: once skyscrapers around the Burj Dubai seemed so high! .. < br />

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