How to open the champagne ...

This recipe will help you show off for the holiday feast. Just a few simple rules. As a gift to all fans of champagne scientists have developed the perfect formula! Formula that lets you open a bottle of champagne, not only in the Strait of at least half a festive salad, but without saying by a single drop!

The formula has already been called the "Law Smith" in honor of its discoverer is based on the fact that the pressure in the ordinary bottle of champagne at room temperature equal to the pressure in the tire red London bus. So, to extract cork from the bottle was the most comfortable (if there even is correct to speak of comfort), champagne must be cooled strictly to 5 - 7C. It is in this case will be a third pressure lower than at room temperature.

By the way, the taste of chilled champagne is also a great pleasure, because of the champagne highlights acid. In addition, a cold drink slowly rising bubbles, which means that they can enjoy for longer.

Before serving champagne on the table, it must be cooled for three and a half hours. It is best to take the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees. Then slowly release the plug by turning the bottle, and control the output gas pressure gradually oslablinya hands on top of the cork.

What prompted scientists to address such interesting problems? The fact is that as a result of the research found that about 50 percent of women are afraid (rightly!) To open the champagne, because they fear the destruction. Now, with the new law, Smith - women afraid of nothing more! The bottles are opened easily.


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