Parade of character (52 Photos)

In many cities in Austria (Innsbruck, Klagenfurt ...) is now parading Devils (Krampus Parade), which once drove the Saint Nicholas. Who are the Krampus? These are the most common features with the hairy skin, huge horns and ugly face. Where are the demons hiding for a year is not known, but on 5 December, they unanimously selected out of their shelters and are in the towns and villages.

In the streets of Austrian cities go in terrible shape skins in scary masks, with goat horns on his head. They resound with iron chains, rattling balls with a metal crowbar inside, yelling and dancing in the streets. But that's half the battle - sometimes they attack passers break even in bars, whipped with rods of all, butt horns and even knocked to the ground! According to legend, Krampus is evil spirits, which drove the local Santa (Saint Nicholas). About Krampus known in Austria, Hungary, Croatia and in some other places. There they find the satellites (or opposites) of St. Nicholas.


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