Record vintage car parade in Mexico city

Last weekend, 5 October 2014, the Mexican capital of Mexico city held a Grand retro car parade, whose age was older than thirty years. In the event took part 1721 of the car and it immediately became a new Guinness world record. The last recorded parade of vintage cars was in 2002 and was held in the Dutch city of Sandford. It took part 948 cars.

The parade of vintage cars drove through the main street of Mexico city's Paseo de La Reforma. Conducting such a large event, the local authorities wanted to attract foreign tourists and they succeeded. Look and see with your own eyes retro cars came about 250 000 spectators. Here you can see such classical models of cars such as: Ford, Rolls-Royce, Chevrolet, Jeep, Volkswagen and even public transport in form of buses and minibuses.




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