Mustard wraps to reduce problem areas

Mustard oil is obtained in two ways: pressing (extraction) of seeds, or a mix of mustard powder and vegetable oil. This product is often used in order to get rid of excess weight. Mustard oil for weight loss how to apply are there any contraindications?

Useful properties of the product Mustard oil has warming properties. This product accelerates blood circulation, helps relieve swelling, provides jelchegonnoe effect. Mustard oil strengthens the immune system, helps to cope with infections. The composition of the product contains mineral substances (phosphorus, calcium, etc.), retinol, essential fatty acids.

The use of mustard oil inside a Simple and affordable way to use mustard oil is to use it in the morning (fasting) and 1 tbsp. unfortunately, the oil has a specific taste, so many this method seems to be unacceptable. In this case, oil can be added to salads or other meals (this will help feel full). It is important to consider the fact that in itself it to lose weight will not help you – necessarily have to control the calorie content of meals. To consume a large quantity of mustard oil is also not worth it – it has a high energy value.

External application of mustard oil Wraps with mustard oil help reduce problem areas (stomach, buttocks, hips).

1. Mix 1 tbsp of mustard oil and rice starch, add to the mix 3 tbsp fat sour cream and 150-200 ml strong brewed unsweetened coffee. Prepare a strip of cloth. Moisten it with the mixture, wrap around the problem areas. Wrap the top with body wrap, lie down under the blanket. The duration of exposure of 15-20 minutes (depending on personal tolerance). Then take a shower and apply anti-cellulite cream (can massage the problem area to increase the effectiveness of the procedure).

2. 20 ml mustard seed 10 ml of menthol and 100 ml of olive oil connect, gently reheat in a water bath. Soak in oil mixture a wide bandage, wrap the problem areas, wrap film. The procedure lasts 20 minutes. Using this recipe, under the covers do not lie – it is better to walk or do homework. After the recommended time take a shower and lie down, placing the legs under the pad (rest 15-20 minutes).

Contraindications do not want to use mustard oil with high acidity of gastric juice, peptic ulcer, enterocolitis, severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system. Wraps are contraindicated for sensitive skin. Mustard oil can cause an allergic reaction.

Reviews of Mustard oil for weight loss is not used too often. As practice shows, the best result you can expect from wraps.



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