Homemade wraps against cellulite: the best recipes

Cellulite is a problem not only adult women but young girls. Slender legs, tight buttocks and smooth skin is the dream of many beauties.

Honey wraps cellulite at home easily will make your skin healthy and elastic. The skin is quickly soaked with honey, which accelerates the process of purification of toxins. There are hundreds of ways of wrapping, but we will tell you about the most affordable.

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How to make wraps cellulite home

The main advantage of these wraps is not only effective, but also inexpensive cost, you don't need to go to salons and spend a lot of time.
Before the procedure the skin should be prepared. Make exfoliation and steam the skin. Ideally, access to the sauna, but the hot shower or bathtub will also work.

Honey wraps

Honey against cellulite in combination with other components has excellent properties. Depending on the additional ingredient there are two types of wraps: hot and cold.The most effective is a hot honey wrap. It is aimed at warming up the body. To enhance the effect sacrifices blanket or plaid. The only negative — this procedure is indicated not for everyone.

Wrap with honey and mustard

Make a wrap with honey mustard and essential oils. Keep 45 minutes, then rinse with hot water. The best results you will achieve if you do the procedure every day. The interval between course of one month.



Apply the mixture with ground coffee on the problem areas, keep a couple of hours. Then rinse. For best results, massage into the skin.

Chili pepper

Such wraps with pepper is contraindicated for women with gynecological problems. Take honey, one red pepper for every 2 tablespoons of honey. If you feel discomfort, remove immediately.

Mix salt with warm honey (2 tbsp). Heat the body in the shower, apply the mixture, wrap with film and leave for 2.5 hours. After make intensive massage with honey and vegetable oil.


Warm the honey, add a few drops of oil. 60 grams of the basic product need 4 drops of oil. Select your favorite in the pine, orange, grape, tangerine. Rinse off after 45 minutes.


Take honey (60 g), red pepper (5 g) grated ginger (10 g), warm water (10 ml), olive oil (45 ml). Move and apply on problem areas. Rinse off after 30 minutes with cold water.

Something to keep in mind!

1. Honey wrap at night is not only useful, but they also have a relaxing effect.

2. Good clean the skin, this will perfectly fit scarby that help to exfoliate dead cells.

3. The mixture needs to be preheated, and then needs to cool to room temperature.

4. After applying the mixture on the body, wrap those areas with cling film.

5. Hot procedure, on top of, in addition to film, cover yourself in a blanket or quilt.

6. Cold treatments are used for specific problem areas, hot — for the entire body.

7. Make a 10-day course of wraps (carry out the procedure in a day), then a break for 2 months.published 


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