How shocked the entrance (10 photos)

The average entrance in the Russian building - not the most beautiful place, it's a well-known fact =) And it is good that most of us spends a lot of time =) The one who smokes are more likely to spend time in the stairwell and behold here it is ...


Author: Of course, it would be best to give up smoking, but on this I'm still working =) And while I'm working on it, I'm nothing to prevent the same time decorating the door by the stairs - where one can not see it but the same accident smokers and concierge, which periodically comes to sweep the floor. Correctly it? =)

As shown in the first picture, for starters, I cut with a knife drips of paint and other strange bulge in the door. Ideally, then it would be necessary to use sandpaper, but shkurit whole door to a smooth state I simply would not have enough strength or patience. So I decided to go the other way - to do the door is not smooth, but rough and textured =)

The most simple of what came into my head - take the texture wallpaper.

Wide wallpaper for painting, of which there is now a huge range of shops - the best option for the doors. You will have no problems with joints, paint, you can choose any color and not smelly, in general, I advise. I personally suffered from the usual paper roll. Well, it happened =)

* unscrew the pen, glue

Bubbles at first - this is normal. Then, as the drying of wallpaper, bubbles disappear:

Once the wallpaper dry, all the bubbles are gone, and I was convinced that all adhered tightly, I has stuck masking tape glass and painted all black. In any case, left a note for the neighbors, and she went to engage in chief until the paint dries - Painting for the door!

So how did I - never do =)) I printed a picture on your home printer parts - four pieces of A4 =)) But I personally like and then draw on it from above (originally my picture) - a masked seams. Additionally, the picture itself I had a - textured such easy and pleasant to further slap =)
But I would suggest an easier way - to go to the nearest photo and color printing of any book you liked pictures on the A2 format. I have next to the house is placed within 300 rubles. Naturally, it does not print on canvas and prints on plain paper. The picture can then be covered with transparent varnish for wood, pre-glued on thick drawing paper - which I did:


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