Money and Rockefeller.

1. Save money. Look where you can buy products cheaper or bulk. Make up a shopping list in advance and buy only what is on the list.
2. If you have a little money, it is necessary to do business.
If there is no money at all, it is necessary to do business immediately, right now!
3. The path to great wealth is only a passive income! Income that comes to you, regardless of your efforts.
4. Create a source of passive income and live his own pleasure!
5. Talk! Money comes to you through other people. Unsociable people rarely become bogatymi.100% responsibility for your life.
6. Study the biography and thought of the rich people in the world.
7. Dreams - this is important in your life! It is important to dream and believe that dreams come true! Man begins to die when no longer a dream.
8. Help people! Not for money, from the heart!


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