Great investor: John D. Rockefeller

This investor is an example of dedication and hard unbending will towards this goal. He embodies the American dream, which he was destined to achieve. On the way to the success of this worthy man stood all tests. So, get acquainted - the greatest man and the investor, who fought for his dream, John D. Rockefeller.

The young businessman.

The Rockefeller family had emigrated from France in Richford, NY. It was there that in 1839 was born our hero. Father of the future multi-billionaire William Avery Rockefeller was a libertine, a charlatan, a fraud and a bigamist. He prospered, turning his fraud, while his wife and children to live from hand to mouth and worked tirelessly. From early childhood, John used a lot and work hard, he was distinguished by a tenacious memory and grasp. In addition, he admiringly watched his father, who sometimes visited their home, and was always beautifully and expensively dressed. Soon, John began to engage in "business": sometimes he bought a pound of candy, divided it into several parts and sold at a premium own sisters; moreover, he is catching wild turkeys and feed them for sale. The money he neatly folded into a piggy bank. Finally, he began to lend their father at reasonable interest rates. Since early childhood, he used to look for ways to maximize the profits of all that was in the public domain.

A great goal - to get rich


All thoughts, feelings and desires Rockefeller Jr. subdued a great goal - to get rich. He transformed himself into an ideal business machine, the machine for the production of business ideas, operating employees and competitors suppression. Everything that could prevent it, it was rejected: John had to either die from excessive load, or to become rich. But his transformation is not simply a wealthy man, and the richest man in the world Rockefeller was obliged ingenious supernatural intuition and business sense. John received his secondary education at the age of sixteen and went to Cleveland, which bypasses the larger firms in order to find work. It lasts six days a week - and within six weeks, John D. Rockefeller looking for a place accountant. Finding work was difficult, but to return to the farm Rockefeller did not want to. With great difficulty, he got a job as an accountant assistant, and it was the turning point in his life, because he was in the business world and become part of it. Rockefeller does not drink and does not smoke, do not go to the dance and theater, but it gets intense pleasure from only one type of a check for $ 4000 - all the time he takes it out of the safe and sees again and again. He turns his life into a never-ending achievement, working from six in the morning until late at night. And soon, luck smiles at him!

Kerosene lamps, oil and the river of money.

The Civil War. The federal government needed hundreds of thousands of uniforms and rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, the mountain of dried meat, sugar, tobacco and biscuits. The golden age of speculation, and Rockefeller, who became co-owner of a brokerage firm with a starting capital of $ 4000, made good money on this. Business it successfully developed and prospered, and at some point, John D. Rockefeller thought about investing in the real economy. And then in front of it was a question of finding effective investment object.

Late one night, he walked down the street, and drew attention to the fact that every house was a light - people lit oil lamps. "And so what?" - I would have told any other person. But our hero realized that the world is not standing still, cities grow and the need for coverage - also, so the oil from which produce kerosene, will soon become a major commodity that is valued not less than gold. John D. Rockefeller became systematically invest in the oil, and this tactic was successful: he caught a good macroeconomic trend, because "black gold" has become one of the most necessary goods. Turning another deal, this dark man in a black suit jumping around the office, sang and embraced secretaries. John D. Rockefeller was crazy about money, and they ran to him River.

Love sweeps away all obstacles.

John D. Rockefeller was crazy about money, and they came to him in flocks. When he felt that they could scare off - Rockefeller became gentle and insinuating when required force - fought for them, without thinking about the consequences. He was twenty-five friends thought he was permanently engaged with the accounting records ... But in life there is always a miracle -. One girl was waiting for John D. Rockefeller for nine years.

Laura Celestia Spelmen was born into a wealthy and respected family. She read a lot, dabbled in literary Editing & Rockefeller fit in all respects. Laura was a typical Puritan: dance and theater seemed to her the personification of vice, but in the church she was resting heart ... all the colors of the future Mrs. Rockefeller preferred black. They met at school: he confessed his love for her - she said that at first he wanted to achieve something in life, to find a good job, become a wealthy man ... On the part of the story seems to be immensely sad, but the reality was different. Boney boy by this time developed into a tall, smart and very charming young man, and Laura (homemade Setti was her name) was a pretty girl. She was well versed in music (three hours daily lessons on the piano!). Rockefeller also good played music (his exercise infuriated Eliza bustled around the house). In addition, John D. Rockefeller was unable to freeze yourself completely - Setti knew that he could be a very good man. For diamond engagement ring Rockefeller paid $ 118 - it was quite a feat for him. Repeat it, he did not: the wedding was modest, the house in which the young have moved after the honeymoon, Rockefeller took on the cheap servants, they did not. By that time he owned the largest in Cleveland refinery, the bride's parents were wealthy and respected people in the city, but reports of the wedding does not appear in the newspapers - he did not like talking about it. Subordinates and competitors feared Rockefeller as a fire, and his wife thought he was a good man.

Mystic Rockefeller.

The empire mogul has grown over time and due to the large number of transactions engaged in investment has been problematic, and Rockefeller founded his own company Standard Oil. Exactly at 9.15 am, he appeared in "Standard Oil", gradually becoming one of the largest companies in the country. A tall figure, a pale, clean-shaven face, the hands - an umbrella and gloves, color - white silk hat, cuffs peek of «R» black onyx cufflinks engraved with the letter. Rockefeller quietly welcomes subordinates cope on their health and the black shadow seeps into the door of his office. He never raises his voice, never nervous, never changing in the face - to ruffle it impossible. One day he burst into frenzied contractor who yelled for half an hour without a break. All this time, Rockefeller was sitting buried in a table, and when angry, red as a lobster fat exhausted, lifted straight face and said quietly: "Excuse me, I did not catch what you said. Could you repeat .. "He dined in once and for all set times: when the milk with cookies eaten happened, the owner of" Standard Oil "made bypassing their possessions. Rockefeller went silent measured gait - a certain distance he always passed for one and the same time. Before his desk clerks Rockefeller arose as the devil-the-box, a sweet smile and asked how the work goes on, and people were horrified. He was a good host - the salary paid is higher than the other businesses, has appointed excellent pensions, gave the hospital - but with those who contradicted him, mercilessly butchered. For subordinates he always had a kind word, and yet they are mortally afraid of him. The horror which he inspired, wore a mystical character - his own secretary insisted that he had never seen the Rockefeller enters and leaves the company's building. Apparently, he used for secret doors and secret corridors (detractors said, that millionaire flies in his office through the chimney). Scarecrow and his house with spartan furnishings, quiet voice, laconic, drilled children. To learn how to live together here, only its inhabitants know.

Rockefeller kids. Education is Rockefeller.

Rockefeller's children to inherit a vast fortune, and it was a big responsibility. Rockefeller knew the gift of God can not be let in the wind, and struggles taught children to work, modesty and unassuming. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., later said that as a child money seemed to him a mysterious substance: "They were ubiquitous and invisible. We know that money is very much, but also know that they are not available. " In order for someone to eight years dressed in girls' dresses (Rockefellers wears each other old stuff, and the second boy they did not have), the future billionaire put very gently.

John D. Rockefeller, Sr., created the layout of the house of a market economy: he appointed the daughter of Laura "General Director" and told the children to keep detailed books. Each child receives two cents for a dead fly, ten cents - for sharpening a pencil and five - hour music lessons. Day of abstinence from sweets worth two cents each subsequent day was estimated as early as ten cents. Each child had their own bed in a kitchen garden - ten plucked weeds cost one penny. Rockefeller Jr. earned fifteen cents per hour for chopping wood, one of the daughters received the money, because in the evening went around the house and extinguished the light. For late for breakfast young Rockefeller was fined one cent, they received one slice of cheese per day, and on Sundays they were not allowed to read anything but the Bible. Setti went to his own patched dresses and in no way inferior to her husband, become generous Rockefeller was about to buy the children on the bike, but my wife said that the extra bikes in the house do not need: "Having a bike for four, they will learn to share with each other ..." The results of such education were quite contradictory.

Rockefeller Empire.

His company, Standard Oil absorbed active small and medium-sized enterprises, using the fact that the federal and local governments closed their eyes to the machinations of the oil giant. By 1880, the company recycles 95% of all oil produced in the United States. In 1882, John D. Rockefeller organized the Standard Oil Trust - a group of 40 industry corporations, which gave him the ability to control the entire industry of oil refining. In 1894, Rockefeller became the first American billionaire. He entered the twenty most countries rich and powerful people and launched an attack on the competition: he concluded an agreement with the "railway king", and are inflated tariffs for transportation


Small oil companies went bankrupt, the big capitalists Rockefeller assign their stakes: he soon became a monopoly in the oil market and was able to establish its own exorbitant oil prices, which in the early twentieth century became a strategic commodity. Standard Oil has become a global company, its interests spread across the globe, the state of the Rockefeller counted in dozens, and then hundreds of millions of dollars. Soon, America has become a country of cars (and gasoline, as is known, also made from oil), and the wealth of the Rockefeller acquired quite fantastic proportions. With age, the mind has not changed Rockefeller. He iron-fisted rule of his empire: Standard Oil alone brought him $ 3 million annually (based on today's $ 50 million). He owned sixteen and six rail steel companies, nine companies that sell real estate, six shipping companies, nine banks and three orange groves - all this gave a generous cash crop.

Rockefeller in old age - a sportsman and mod


A heavy blow was the loss of his beloved wife ( "in my life was the only lover, and I am happy that I had it."), But he pulled himself together and lived for almost a hundred years: this period Rockefeller put itself and not held up to him some two years. John Davison older, but remained hale and hearty "This is the compensation for the abandonment of theaters, clubs and frivolous entertainment that long ago undermined the health of many of my friends."). Now he could afford something that was deprived of as a child: Rockefeller became interested in sports, well-learned to play golf and mastered bike racing. The old man went releasing the steering wheel and holding aloft an open umbrella; surrounding gasp, and then he jumped with both feet on the saddle. He loved women: during road trips it is usually accompanied by two beautiful companion - their knees were prudently covered with a shawl, out of which the Rockefeller did not take out the hands. At the end of his life, he looked like a man-eater. Rockefeller alopecia fell ill, and he lost all the hair on the body. Without eyebrows, eyelashes and mustache, he was truly terrible: surrounding shied away - it seemed that they were marching towards death. Additional charm picture gave what Rockefeller passion for wigs: in his collection were presented to all the hair and all shades. In addition, he was a great mod: now his favorite costume consisted of a yellow straw hat, a blue silk jacket and bright Japanese vests, the ensemble completed sunglasses. One day, Rockefeller did not recognize his own vice president, who gave a dinner in his honor, "What is it, Charlie? I am Mr. Rockefeller! "). Journalists have hinted that the multimillionaire fell into insanity, but it is not even remotely like the truth.


In the month to Rockefeller came fifty thousand letters with requests for help - to the extent possible, he answered them and sent people to check. Since 1897 Rockefeller gradually transfers the control functions "Standard Oil" the most capable partners, and the more and more involved in charity work. Thanks to him, in 1892 the University of Chicago, in 1901 was founded the year - Medical Institute of The Rockefeller (later Rockefeller University name), a year later - Universal Education Board, and in 1913 - the Rockefeller Foundation.

At the end of the life of Rockefeller gave up half a billion dollars, and yet it is the only son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., inherited 460 million. He also spent about half a billion to charity, and also gave money for the construction of Rockefeller Center for the communication industry in the New York and donated 9 million for the construction of the UN building (thanks to his help the UN headquarters was built in New York, not in any other city in the world).

With all this six children, he left 240 million. Rockefeller Jr. also built the famous skyscraper "Empire State Building".

Five grandsons of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. continued the tradition of philanthropy and political participation. The most famous of these was Nelson Rockefeller, the US vice-president in 1974-1977.

The youngest son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., David Rockefeller, was the head of "Manhattan Bank" in the years 1969-1980.

< live to a hundred.

In 1935, Rockefeller celebrated his ninety-sixth birthday, and the insurance company sent him a check for $ 5 000 000. This was the first of the company's history - according to statistics up to that age survives only one person in a hundred thousand. Doctors prescribed a diet Rockefeller, and he was happy to comply with it. They administered dose exercise, and he languidly twisted bicycle pedal, listening on the radio preaching. Until a hundred years old John D. Rockefeller has not held quite a bit: May 23, 1937, he died of a heart attack. John was very familiar with the Henry Ford and his own death on the eve of the meeting appointed him in paradise. Ford grinned and said that really there-they just do not meet. The fact is now talk of Rockefeller and Ford, no one knows, but the Rockefeller empire thrives to this day.


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