Putin zhzhot (text + video)

Selected quotes from the press conference yesterday
Putin is pleased

- All of these 8 years I plowed like a galley slave, from morning till night. [about the Presidency and the results achieved]

- Do you think Bush is easy? [about the responsibility of the head of state]

- I do not think that someone is tempted today to present any ultimatums to Russia, especially organizations such dissonant to the Russian ear abbreviation as ODIHR. [about the ODIHR]

- Let his wife taught to cook soup! [about the OSCE and ODIHR]

- You give guarantees? [that are not printed new rubles]
- Do you want me to eat the earth from the pot with flowers? And he swore on the blood?

- Hello, I'm talking about an eight-year job to ask ...
- Again?

- You're driving somewhere for a vacation? - You know, I have to say that anywhere. I rest on the job for 4 years. - Clear. I've had eight years of rest (Animation). But where would you like to go to relax? Ski ride, go to the sea? Do you have the desire to go somewhere, just to be honest. In my eyes I see (laughter): Where are turned away? - Sleep. Here on the couch to sleep - No, on the couch closely.

- It's true. I am the richest person not only in Europe but also in the world. I collect emotions. And I am rich so that the people of Russia twice entrusted me with the leadership of such a great country as Russia. I think this is my greatest wealth. With regard to the various rumors about the financial condition, I watched some: some papers on the subject. Just talk, that there is nothing to discuss. Just nonsense. All dig nose and smeared on bits of paper. [AP correspondent's question about the wealth]

- I wonder, well, let's "Chanson". You sing us something?
- Guys, let the microphone, please.
- We have such a diverse chanson do ... You are not about prison want to ask anything?

- No, valentine me no one has yet managed to give away, because I was preparing for a meeting with you and immediately after a workout this morning, I, with no one talking, immediately came here in this room and just another one not seen
- I would like to give you a valentine, how to do it? Vladimir Putin: Come.
- Come ... (suits, hands) Happy Valentine's wife congratulated me, so ... but Valentine is clamped.

- Americans at the time put a flag on the moon - so what? What you do not worry so much? Moon is not taken over by the United States? [about the Russian flag on the Arctic Ocean]

- Why so Americans are worried about the European body, I do not know (laughter in the hall). Maybe they do not want to break away from him. Like: The body is good (laughter, applause). With regard to the teeth that somewhere bites. ExxonMobil bites into our economy, and nothing. They have dentists who are just grind them these teeth. [the question that Gazprom cutting into the body of Europe]

- Recently, Mrs. Clinton said that you as a former KGB agent, by definition, can not have a soul. Is your soul or something that, by definition, Mrs. Clinton has instead not to react to such a statement?
- I think that at least a statesman must have a head.

- Everyone has to hoe, as St. Francis, his land, boom, boom, every day, and then success will


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