The failure of memory. Putin? .. Protect? .. Russian? ..

When I hear a tearful explanation that Putin seized the Crimea to protect there the Russian, the hand itself stretches to something heavy. Very much want sharahnut this "strategy" on bonce brain to lock into place and the memory came back.
Putin? .. Protect? .. Russian? ..

Comrades, do you remember about what we say Putin? Certainly lives somewhere good, conscientious people with the last name Putin, but this - it is not.

April 10 is the 11th anniversary of the signing of unprecedented transaction made real and not cheap popular Putin. And dresses in this transaction were not money. Dresses were people - Russian people!

April 10, 2003 in Moscow, President Putin and Niyazov signed an agreement on cooperation in the gas sector. According to him, "Gazprom" has received the right to purchase from the "Turkmenneftegaz" natural gas as much as for the period until 2028 in incremental amounts: 2004 - 5-6 billion cubic meters, 2009-2028 - 70-80 billion cubic meters per year.

In exchange for a generous promise of Turkmen gas, which buries the European project "Nabucco" pipeline, Russia handed people.

On the same day, April 10, 2003, a protocol was signed between the termination of the Russian-Turkmen agreement on dual citizenship. Cynically and coolly Putin exchanged for Russian gas those who are not fortunate enough to be born and to live in Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan - Turkmens, and that in this glorious country for a long time do not hide. Because those who do not renounce Russian citizenship, had to get out quickly and quietly with things. Sell ​​apartment they could not leave their property - also, since property rights in Turkmenistan, foreigners do not have. To decide - leave or stay in a second class citizen of Turkmenistan - Russian was given ... two months.

Of course, they ran for help to Mother Russia, naively believing that Vladimir Vladimirovich poorly understood that signed. Their representatives of different cities, was invited to a meeting at the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat, where sympathized and advised to "bury" Russian passports. A few days later everyone on the list drawn up in the embassy, ​​were called to the Committee of National Security of Turkmenistan, which already have a record of all the speeches and presentations.

The scandal was incredible. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - Dushku with kind eyes, people exchanged for gas - kicked and independent media and human rights activists, and members. Then they were still in Russia. Like any residual notions of good and evil.

At least, the Russian Foreign Ministry as a shy, held consultations with the Turkmen colleagues, and treatment protocol outlined in the new edition, declaring that the requirement of renunciation of citizenship would apply only to "newcomers" - those who did not issue the documents or not old enough to obtain a passport.

Too shameful and disgraceful, because Putin lips Minister Sergei Lavrov promised that the hostage Turkmenbashi will only Russian children but not adults. However, this promise is not fulfilled.

Last year, Russian Turkmenistan restricted to leave the country. July 10, 2013 they have expired Turkmen passports old sample on which it was possible to travel abroad. Those who have dual citizenship, the new passports are no longer issued.

How are these literally sold motherland people that with them, the media do not tell.

And for some reason, Russia has not rebelled. And somehow "good Putin" compatriots in Turkmenistan is not defended. It is very nice in the Crimea from the Russian defend the Ukrainian language, because there is no Ukrainian almost.

For your information: Turkmenistan official language is Turkmen, television and radio broadcasts only in Turkmen, all leadership positions can be exclusively Turkmen, the whole country has one Russian-language schools ... With regard to democracy and human rights in Turkmenistan, as everyone knows, this abusive words. Because explain the seizure of the Crimea that Putin could not look at nesuschestvyuschie but imaginary suffering Russian - is the same as that recognize their own eyes "American agents." However, in an interview with Alexander Lukashenko Savik Shuster was able to do it.


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