Beware scammers!

It turns out that in our country has recently seen new criminal Mulk, which acquired a mass character. All sorts of scammers are actively using the information from sites like to remotely obtain criminal money. For example, you call and report that your son, father, brother, etc. involved in an accident and need money urgently. This fully tell the personal data that are taken from the Internet. Or do you come SMS-ka type:

Mom, I got cool to the police, immediately contact with Kolya, to find a lawyer, tell my brother Sanaa to out of town. My phone is confiscated, it gave the camera popolzovavshis friends. But there is no money. Urgently put this number as much money, because I sit there for a long time.

This is an example, we do not know the exact phrases. Callers people were so emotional, it is difficult to pull out of them something intelligible. In short, all sorts of slanders you the names and personal data, which is difficult not to believe in the truth.

But it turns out, there were those who did not believe. Then on the same phone dumped photo, taken from the Internet. Just before that, it was edited by the prison environment or road accident. Can you imagine, to see their loved one in the blood under the car? Roof goes exactly!

Many of the district police department just overwhelmed with such statements defrauded citizens. And some facilities before you leave for a heart attack, asked whether it is not connected with the call on the phone?

Therefore we bring to all citizens: try not to publish their addresses and phone numbers in the open Internet!

Also, be careful when personal correspondence. Some of the individual by examining your data, send messages like:

Hello, I also served in this part! Well remember you, you're all the same, only fatter. Let's call each other, give a numbered or call me. You live in the same place or moved?

Decide, of course, to you, but in either case, the fraudster will be your home or mobile phone, from which you call. In the conversation, you'll learn about the error and forget about everything. But after a month or two to you for some reason you want to urgently transfer the money somewhere.

To contact you can use the name, personal details and a photograph of your real friend, taken from the "community" - the circle of your old work, study, etc. It is especially difficult to deny the opposite sex.

In general, mobile crime is gaining momentum. Why go somewhere and someone to rob? Money can be obtained by phone.



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