About blondes!

Priveeeet my dorogiiie! How I missed you on!
We are sorry for not having written, just someone turned my keyboard and I happen to be printed on its reverse side for 2 months, but now everything is repaired.
Hello, my dnevnichog, kagda?
I recently began to study a foreign language, so do not be surprised that I sometimes start to speak Albanian. Soon I will go to live in Albania - a beautiful country, to the south of the country to Paris, where they live albinosy and albinoski in it, no one will infringe upon my temper wild cat, no one will disturb express their individuality, cross stitching and nobody starts despicable lie, These super-duper dzhinsiki with rhinestones I bought in second-hand'e! It's a lie! Do not believe them! They lie with envy! My dzhinsiki from Italy! From the famous fashion designer turkish Madine (Made in Turkish - on the US)
In Albania, I will send my BF ... ... murrrk morrrrg patologoanatommmm ... ... Kitty, I thee Liu! It is through communication draws up all of the documents so that the 4 months I get a passport. Conventional, simple and absolutely COMMERCIAL people get a passport for one month ... for ... for a very long time, in short ... Kotick said that as soon as I arrive, I will take away your passport. It is necessary to design for the elite, high-paying job ... I do not remember what my position is, whether direktutka, whether general direktutka, but something very important! I always knew that I will achieve much.

Well, enough of that, and then all obzaviduetes! And so you are not envious, I will not tell you recently went to the trunk of the car to barbecues in the woods with my BF and his friends ... everything ... enough - do not tell you ... I will not say that we played in the "skewers and skewers ..." and did not even hint to you that I have always been a kebab - I sit down on various skewers and grilled on the line ... as I said - it meant that I won, and became even more personal giggling ... - I'm the best!
Recently I wanted to become a nun, but I would not have taken over the terrible grehi- I once did not washed his hands before dinner, went to the elevator when I was not in the 7 years, pay for travel on the tram instead of the 1st 3 times, and was under the boom - the so- I'm bad, bold, sinful girl ... and individual!
I love to go down the street to catch the glances of passers-by, who just eat the eyes of my luxurious body peels spitting, choking bones and picking out the meat from the teeth. To me constantly fit acquainted guys, but I defiantly rebuffs because, it turns out, if you sew a Man, they can go to jail ... especially if you sew his socks in the chase police major.

Continued ...

And yet, I want to say NeSkazhuKomu that I do not care for your opinion of me, I will not change ... eee ... ..48 s org ... zmov for 37 seconds - it's not a lie!
All of it was so every day is repeated many times! I just individualists you ...
My cat taught me the Albanian phrase "hell ... sous dvatsod evro", which translates to "Hello, dear," ... well, I on the contrary it is time dosvidankatsya (goodbye will not) ... and podosvidankayus I'm with you, too, the Albanian phrase "luser vazmi Minh zzadi" which means "I'll see you, good luck!". Doseng.org FOREVER!
Vseeeh Chmokkk chchchmo ... ... ... chushshshshshpan zamoooorysh


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