Keyboard for Blondes are on sale now!

Recently we wrote about this keyboard for blondes. At that time I thought it was a single instance of a joke at all, but now it turns out that the keyboard is actually produced and sold!
Now, a brief abstract: Made in bright pink packaging says that this keyboard is designed exclusively for blondes! What can not fail to intrigue! The smooth rounded shape and delicate pink color models Sven Standard 636 - pleasantly pleasing to the eye. The keyboard layout is saved standard, but the names of most of the keys have changed dramatically. So all the multimedia keys are called "unnecessary buttons." And indeed rare to find a girl who uses them as often as the others. Read the full description in the continuation ...

Spelling for the beautiful half of humanity in the modern world is also not very necessary thing, when there is an automatic mode changes, which is reflected in the title of the number keys. Since eight is written as "vosim" and four as "chitire." All other keys, functional purpose of which is at the crux of modern representatives of the weaker sex, called a "redundant" or "superfluous buttons" or designated descriptively. For example, the Shift key is referred to as "this button, you start to write my name" key Space - «the longest key." Try to guess what kind of hiding behind such key labeled "the biggest key." Well, of course, Enter.))) And that's not all.

In terms of functionality is the standard keyboard input device for a PC. A clear positioning of the keys when pressed, lower noise during operation are certainly the pluses of this model and allow Sven Standard 636 take its rightful place in the market today.



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