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Ice cream never shoot live under the spotlights it instantly melts - it's always plastic, silicone or gel mass. She give the desired color, texture, make bead porous and rough. Flawless waffle cones also did not find - all or a piece of torn or uneven color, so you have to mold them, too. And that does not trickle down to the ice cream jam or honey, laid a thin layer of polyethylene.


To advertise soups in bags brewed real soup. But if you just pour it into a bowl and take a picture, it would not be seen, all the ingredients drown. Therefore, the bottom put a layer of transparent gelatin is poured on top of the broth or plain water, and then gently laid cabbage, lightly fried ham, olives, parsley and vegetables. The main thing - to create the impression of a rich set of vitamins.


Chicken legs on the photo must be boiled or roasted. RAW them look too - the buyer must immediately understand that they do not need to cook, just heat up. This is a very difficult task. If the legs fry, they skukozhatsya, darken, and the side will be flattened. Therefore, chicken legs dry construction phenomenon: it roasts, but does not deform the meat. The chicken turns golden as it should.
Cutlets sprinkled with hairspray. It is necessary for the light, which can not be achieved otherwise. If you fry them, oil is absorbed in 5 minutes.


To product has a fresh look, it should be as small as possible to be heat treated. Noodles, cook for 2-3 minutes, or it will fall apart and soak. Especially quickly loses its shape domestic noodles, so dazhedlya advertising Russian imported pasta photograph.
Ravioli - a nightmare of every food stylist. They have to mold by hand. Meat can not be added because it will shine through the dark spots. In advertising, the dumplings are made from dough and salt. Therefore, such a solid color. They can still be browned and moisturize to bylo.Vmesto cream appetizing pictures of PVA glue: it pours heavily, slowly and painfully - perfect for advertising. It can also be used to shoot milk.


Sauces are colored food dyes. But you can not just add paint to the sauce, then it will curdle komkami.Nuzhno first dissolve the dye with alcohol, and then mix with the sauce. If you get too thin, it can be the basis for the sauce of gelatin.


Gelatin is generally versatile and very useful tool - gelatin is often added to mashed potatoes and porridge that they thickened, and you can make beautiful curls. Also thickeners can be used as flour and starch.


Beer is increasingly acting in commercials than photographed. But in both cases, the beer foam is made from powder detergent or economic means, who whipped whisk. Instead of beer poured tea or juice.


When you want to take pictures of meat, fried it quite a bit, just for color. Mutton beef often plays - apparently they are almost indistinguishable. But the pork should be lighter and pink, we always emphasize that you can learn it from afar. You can tint the meat with soy sauce, some food stylists prefer iodine, oil or grease.


Frankfurters and wieners removed raw or lightly-dried hair dryer building. But fruits and vegetables in the advertising of the frozen mixture is always the freshest.


The main horror - a shot of lasagna. We have layer upon layer overlay ingredients side thrust them into shape, then cut and photograph slice until all obvislo.Eto very long, difficult and not at all similar to the contents of the box.


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