TOP 10: how to wake up and cheer

Daytime sleepiness - this is not a diagnosis, but a condition caused by failure of biorhythms - Internal "clock" of man. Sleep "on the fly" to 46% of the population of megacities. Sleepy can fall asleep at the wheel of a car, public transport, on lectures, meetings, at your desk.

10th place: The main way to combat daytime sleepiness - the movement. Morning should begin with a contrast shower and charging. At work, in order to disperse drowsiness, it is necessary to periodically charge the mini.

Rank 9: Good helps vitamins and minerals. The lack of, for example, vitamin B1 will respond headache, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, palpitations, and vitamins B2, B6 - depression. Avoiding alcohol is required, and nicotine should be minimized.

8th place: American Coffee Company has introduced a new product - Coffee with a "high caffeine content". The full composition and method of its preparation kept secret. According to producers, one or two cups of beverage provide energy for the whole day. One bag weighing 10 ounces (283, 49 g) costs $ 12.

7th place: Scientists suggest that the main cause of sleepiness is a lack of oxygen. In some countries to address this issue apply oxygen inhalation or special devices, which are installed in the room keeps it normal oxygen concentration. In any case, do not deny yourself the pleasure a breath of fresh air!

6th place: For people who after a morning shower do not have time for coffee, produced a special soap with caffeine. Allegedly that the soap has a invigorating effect, as two cups of coffee.

5th place: In the US, sales appeared shower gel with caffeine. Caffeine penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream. Blood pressure rises, the pulse quickens, the brain wakes up. The effect lasts 4 hours.

4th place: Japan's Vision Optic announced its special development - the vibrating points, which simply will not allow the user to fall asleep at the workplace. New MyDo Bururu recognizes a situation in which the head of the user is in a state of declension. If you start to doze off, the points you just simply wake by vibration.

3rd place: German pioneer in the field of food production, Johan Drexel announced the creation of sausages that contain caffeine and taurine. The inventor claims that each of its sausage invigorates no worse than a cup of espresso.

2nd place: Italian inventor invented the alarm clock Torello Cavalieri, who will not bore you with the sounds. It smells delicious torment you: freshly baked bread or strong coffee. The novelty will cost about 60 euros, and the only thing that will require the device (except the battery) - special units, feeders with the most exciting smells.

1st place: The easiest way to cheer up - it's sleep. Let not even the workplace. Sleeping on the job increases performance, American scientists. In the US, the practice of short siesta during working hours has become popular in many corporations. Among the famous lovers siesta - Sir Winston Churchill, who regularly resorted afternoon to sleep, then took a bath. He did not break the ritual even during the Second World War. 20-minute bedtime preparing yourself for the weekly meeting with parliamentarians, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


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