Paris Hilton goes to Moscow (3 pictures)

As you perhaps know, is arriving in Moscow Paris Hilton.
And there was a list of what you need for a comfortable stay in Paris Moscow.
List of joke, but I would not mind to see the real)
mblp writes:
I've got a girlfriend, works referent at the Hyatt, where the lodge arrives at MTV Movie Awards Paris Hilton. Sobsna her accommodation and other organizational issues involved in Russian MTV. and they burn))
so Olka Friday adopted a fax two-rider list, that this ought blaaandinke. the first sheet with a standard dial-type cyborgs teohraniteley etc ... but the second-to ruska exotic. Olga told how they "read the Roles and bellow all administration»))
yesterday I forwarded this masterpiece, enjoy.
List of translation and look further


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