Vitamins' may shorten the life "

Scientists claim that vitamins not only prolong life, but on the contrary, can lead to premature death.

A team from the University of Copenhagen studied the results of 67 scientific studies. On this basis, they concluded that there is "compelling evidence" to support the opinion that antioxidants help to increase life expectancy.

On the contrary, they argue, vitamins A and E interfere with the body's natural defense mechanisms.

"In addition, beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E seem to increase the risk of premature death," - the report says Danish scientists.

From 817 scientific research in this field, they selected a few dozen papers on the effects of beta-carotene, vitamins A, C and E and selenium. It is they who, in their opinion, the most objectively reflect the overall picture of the use of food additives.

It is believed that these additives may prevent the "oxidative stress" in the tissues of the organism by destroying the free radicals, which are believed to cause this.

"Oxidative stress" is observed in some serious diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Good nutrition
Total participated in the study 233 thousand. People - both sick and healthy - take nutritional supplements.

Taking into account various factors, as well as to exclude from consideration a further 20 works, Danish scientists have concluded that vitamin A increases risk of premature death by 16%, beta-carotene - 7%, and vitamin E - 4%.

Vitamin C seems to have no effect on life expectancy and, according to scientists, more research is needed on the effect of vitamin C and selenium.


Vitamin A: found in oily fish, eggs and liver; strengthens the immune system, improve eyesight and skin condition.
Vitamin C: Found in many fruits and vegetables; helps in the healing of wounds and absorption of iron by the body, strengthens the immune system.
Vitamin E: found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds; improves blood circulation, helps older people stay active.
Beta-carotene: found in red and orange vegetables; improves vision and contributes to the preservation of mental activity.
Selenium: found in butter, nuts, liver and fish; strengthens the immune system.
How many people take vitamins in the West? 10-20% of the population
How much is estimated the global market? Approximately 2, 5 billion. Dollars

The researchers reported that "found no evidence that antioxidants help prevent disease».

It is unclear exactly how the supplements could have similar effects. Scientists have suggested that it could be seen, because of their impact on the work of the body. In particular, beta-carotene, is believed to affect the consumption of fats.


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