Squeeze me tight

Researchers at Microsoft have come up with another way to manage mobile devices, in addition to the built-in keyboard, touch screen and accelerometer. Gadgets of the future, in their opinion, will determine the force with which they compress the owner and in which direction.

For example, to move to the next page of the document will need to draw bending. Breaking gadget is not necessary - the sensors will register the increased load. The main area of ​​application of technology should be compact Internet devices, which usually cost little or no buttons to save space. Combined with the responsive movement of the accelerometer and touch screen such technology could completely overshadow all the inconvenience of the lack of a full keyboard.

Not on paper, the technology exists in the form of a modified Samsung Q1 UMPC. Researchers "hung" stretching device feature scrolling screen, and torsion - switching between applications.

The technology is very interesting. Let's hope that the force sensors find their application not only in the laboratory but also in the wider market.


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