Published ranking of the most stylish cities in the world

Driving along the streets of his native city, what picture you see through the window of his car? It looks like a page from a glossy magazine or a scene from a Soviet film? Of course, you can look fashionable at any point on the globe, but in some cities the number of well-dressed densest population. Introducing the city named the most stylish in the year.

Ratings cities find themselves in the list given on the basis of "national brands Rating 2008» (City Brands Index-2008), drawn up by the chief editor of «Place Branding And Public Diplomacy» Simon Anholt. The rankings Anholt studied 18 000 people from 18 countries, paying attention to their way of life, culture, visual appeal, and more. Study participants were also asked to answer what city they find most attractive for living, taking into account the climate, financial opportunities, multiculturalism, architecture and more.

Running a little ahead, we note that Moscow is the most expensive city in the world in which they live incredibly nice people, and the standard of living is quite high, in the honorable rating not hit. Why? Perhaps because the capital's residents, though potreblinyut luxury unimaginable amounts boasts highly refined sense of style can not yet.

New York is famous for its Fifth Avenue, Milan - fashion shows in Paris - "the kingdom of boutiques» Faubourg Saint-Honore, but none of these cities can not be compared with the capital of Albion with its diversity of styles and cultures. According to recent studies, it is London is the most stylish city in the world where millions of people born in different parts of the world, form the most fashionable megamix.

"The only drawback of London - its high cost - says Anholt. - But if it were cheaper, it would not be so respected ».

The second most stylish city in the world named Paris. According to Anholt, this city more than love for his reputation than for some real achievements. During the last 20 years in the French capital has appeared virtually any landmark buildings, and as for the events, it is unlikely that you can recall at least one significant of which took place in Paris in recent years. Odanko still can not deny the beauty of the famous city of lovers - Paris, half of the respondents named the most attractive city in the world.

The rest of the city ahead of the Australian Sydney (3rd place), which has long ceased to be associated exclusively with the kangaroos and from virtually an unknown city turned into megabrend. Rome took the fifth place ranking - the most beautiful cities in the world he was named 46% of respondents, while 29% of votes were cast in New York. NY is still ahead of the Italian capital and took 4th place as the representative of all extraordinary American culture.

Milan got 15 th place, was named the city that made the greatest contribution to the world of fashion. From the Spanish cities in the top ten hit Barcelona (9th place), whose popularity has increased after the 1992 Olympic Games.

List of the 10 most stylish cities in the world:
1. London
2. Paris
3. Sydney
4. New York
5. Rome
6. Barcelona
7. Melbourne
8. Berlin
9. Amsterdam
10. Madrid


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