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At what time she should go to bed?
(The 21 hour, as in 23, it should be at home)

Why do some men tend to master the woman on the stairs
(If you do not get up, we can say that someone is)

Why do stores do not have caviar?
(Due to lack of demand. Come to the store and listen - is caviar someone asks?)

What distinguishes the word "worth" from the word "worth"?
(If it is not necessary, then it is not necessary)

Is it possible to kill the mother-wool?
(Yes, if it wrapped iron)

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Where women curly hair best?
(In Africa)

What to do eighty-year old woman to her chest was like a girl?
(Get down on all fours)

What do you like a disease?

(Scratched and still want)

And what is not to like?
(Hemorrhoids are either currently see any people show)

What should be a woman?
(As poliklinnika - clean, accessible and free)

Do I have to paint eggs for Easter?
(Yes, because no man paints the eggs, and the eggs - human)

What is different from women's underpants?
(The men's briefs climb legs, and women - hands)

Can you beat your wife?
(Not only possible but also necessary, as even Engels said that bitie determines consciousness)

What is the difference between a thief and lover?
(The thief is looking for where is bad, and the lover, which is bad)

What to do on their wedding night, so as not to stain the sheets?
(Wash feet)

How many times in the life of a woman blushes?
(Four times on their wedding night, when the first changes to her husband when he first takes the money the first time you give money)

And the man?
(Twice: the first time - when not the second, the second - when it can not first)

What is the difference between a woman and glass?
(If the cover glass mat, it is white, and the woman blushes)

What is a hairy man?
(This is either first person or the last monkey)

What is a hangover?
(This is the same booze, only in the morning)

What is sexual failure?
(This is when does not reach the floor 15 cm)

What better than to have a wife: a terrible, but true, or beautiful, but b ...?
(It is better to have a cake in unison than peck shit alone)

What is old age?
(This is when half the urine for analysis)

What can be removed with a naked woman?
(Only the naked man)

Why is the word "brew" is written together, "you" - separately?
(Because "pineapple" is written together, "we have it" - separately)

What distinguishes women from men?
(The woman can always, but always wants a man - on the contrary)

How to kill bed bugs in the room?
(We need to drive under the cabinet, and the cabinet to file legs)

What should be done in an atomic explosion?
(It should be wrapped in a sheet and slowly crawl to the cemetery)

Why slowly?
(In order not to create panic)


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