Family ghost

Among all the mysterious ghost stories there are those who do not give a logical explanation.

Arriving on time in Athens, the philosopher Athenodorus of Byzantium came to an impressive size house offered for rent for a surprisingly low cost. Deciding to find out what was going on, the philosopher turned to neighbors and soon found out the reason: anyone who has tried to live in the house, frightened ghost scary man looking like a skeleton. Bony hands and feet were chained ghost, gremevshego when traveling. They were covered with rust and dirt. Missed one meeting with the ghost to residents fled without looking back.

Athenodorus of Byzantium could not accept the challenge. He rented the house. Late in the evening the philosopher sat down and waited a ghost. Neighbors did not deceived - the ghost appeared, rattling steel shackles, but Athenodorus of Byzantium did not budge. Then the skeleton beckoned to him, as if inviting to follow him. Athenodorus of Byzantium went to the ghost that went into the yard, dragging the chain. There he stopped, turned around and suddenly disappeared.

Will take the place of disappearance ghost Athenodorus of Byzantium was the next in graFamilnye privideniyadonachalnika permission to study the soil under the stone slab. There, as he wrote later Pliny Jr., found lying mixed with human bones chain that time and dampness rust. Decayed flesh. The remains were collected and buried properly. Since then, a ghost from appearing. This story has not retained any more details, but, of course, the owner doubled the rent.

Another interesting case is the appearance of a ghost in the house took place in England. Young woman Anna Griffith, who lived in the time of Elizabeth I, grew up in a family estate - Burton Agnes Hall. There, in Yorkshire, as a child she played with her sisters and grew up, took the Cavaliers. There she died young from some unknown disease. Lying on his deathbed, his sisters Anna made a solemn oath in the presence of the vicar that after the death of her head will separate from the body and will always keep in the house. Sister promised to fulfill the dying strange request, but decided that clouded her mind off the heat and did not keep their word. The body of a young woman was buried in the family vault under the flower bed intact.

A few days in the house, immersed in mourning, was calm, but one night the walls shook with plaintive wailing laughter. All the men who were present in the house, jumped from the bed and drew his sword, rushed to look in every corner of this horrific sound source. However, their search was in vain. Was no better and the next night: again heard the terrible groans and cries of agony. It seemed as if the whole house was filled with painful screams. Sister, not knowing what to do, rushed to the advice of the vicar.

The vicar, remembering the last request of the deceased advised to open the coffin. The sisters did so: with lighted torches, they went down to the cold stone crypt, lifted the lid of the coffin and was horrified to find that Anne herself completed their work. The head was severed from his body and stood leaning on the jaw. Meat with skull descended, and the empty eyes of the blind looking at included. Skull seemed begged out of the coffin. Sisters, belatedly fulfill his promise, carried him into the house and with special care placed it in the middle of the table in the living room. For many years, this is a terrible thing has remained in place, watching the scene in the now quiet house.

Maybe so, and would have continued peaceful existence housewives at home, if not choosy dishwasher quit skull in a passing cart home with cabbage, deciding that a terrible thing has outlived its usefulness. At the same moment the cart stopped so abruptly that the driver almost fell. He whipped the horse checked wagon wheel, but the cart did not move. Finally, hearing the noise, the landlord came out to see what had happened.

And only then the maid confessed that she committed. The owner demanded to carry the skull in place, but the woman refused to touch it. It made for her young man from the same family - and the cart immediately took off.

Many years later, the family of Anna Griffith left home and settled there new tenants. The first thing they decided to get rid of standing on the table terrible relics. Servant was ordered to bury it in the garden. But as soon as he leveled the skull over the ground as murderous moans again began to shake the walls of the house. All night the new tenants were shaking in their beds, holding his ears with his hands. They have carefully checked the whole house, looking for a place where she could come these sounds. In the morning, the new owners have found that the horse is lame, and garden blackened by frost, which was at night.

The old servant who knew the house and its history, went into the yard, taking with him a shovel. He found a place on the eve buried skull, opened it and brushing brush land brought into the house. Without asking anyone's permission, the old man's skull perched on the usual place, and soon all was quiet.

It is said that no one else dares to make a skull Anne home.

Another ghost of a young woman wandering through the corridors and bedrooms luxurious English mansion. Marvel Hall - was the name of this house - located in the county of Hampshire, and the ghost was a lovely bride. Many years ago, on her wedding day she invited guests to play hide and seek. When a few hours later the game was over, were found everything except the bride.

To search all present joined in, but the house was so big that even a few hours a bride was not found. The guests had left, the groom was inconsolable.

And it soon became clear that the girl had died: her ghost began to appear in the dark corridors of the house, snapping constipation and rustling curtains, probably still continuing to play hide and seek. Several years ghost lived in the house until one of the maids did not get on the dusty attic, where hardly anyone came. There she saw a massive chest and decided to see what's inside. When she was barely able to lift the heavy lid and look inside, she recoiled in horror: in the trunk lying dressed in a wedding dress skeleton. Apparently, during the game the bride hid in the trunk, which, unfortunately, closed. Shortly after the funeral, but this time is Marwell Hall. From that day a ghost no longer appear.


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