Spectacular photos of ghosts

15 shots, which were not obyasneniya.

"This photo was taken on the day of the wedding of my aunt. I went in 1942 and a picture taken by the camera pans for easy newlyweds. What could it be? Illusion (pareidolia)? An elaborate hoax? Or really, a real ghost? "

"This photo was taken a few weeks ago, when we got out with friends on the nature. From behind one of us, it seems, it looks a little boy. When I took this picture, he was not there - only seven of us, including me. "

"In 2008 my wife and I were resting in Normandy and visited the old cemetery and the ruins of the cathedral in Grenier. I did the only photograph of the marble slabs with the names of US Marines and French citizens who died in this place in 1944. The picture was taken with a digital camera, and I looked through it, until he returned home to Canada. To my surprise I saw on my right hand figure soldier. It is curious that the soldiers appeared in black and white, although the picture color. I'm sure that at that moment no one but my wife has not been to the cemetery. I think that the shape of a soldier is similar to the one worn during the First World War - a cap and two rows of buttons on the tunic. "

"This is a photo I took while traveling in East Texas. The photo appeared three strange figures in the black. Who is it? Aliens? Ghosts?

"This is a photo of the hotel Stanley. In one of the windows visible translucent figure of a little boy. Interestingly, the people who are about the same distance from the camera can be seen clearly. A boy like a shadow, while the window is open. I was so intrigued that I contacted the hotel. There I was told that on this day in this room was registered by only one man, who came to the conference. "

"This photo was taken through a mirror in the bathroom at Weslaco, Texas, which was built in 1928. In the picture - two girls, but if you look closely, you will notice on the right and the third - in the hood with his right arm thrown over a jacket, and a basket in his left hand. "

This photo was taken in 2010. "For us to come visit and we decided to make them a tour of the home of George Washington. On the way back we stopped at the church where Washington prayed often. Next to the church is a few graves, burials from the late 18th century. There is also a common grave of 34 prisoners died in the camps. At this point I took a photo of his friend Joe. To our amazement the picture had this floating in the air red head. "

"I took this picture in February or March 2008 in Spokane (Wash.). I lived in the same house, where took care of an elderly woman. At this point, I was just bored, and I started to click the camera, and to his horror saw this. I turned on all the lights, TV and called my boyfriend, because she was afraid to be alone with this horror. "

"I took a photo of her husband, when we fished from one of the lakes in Wisconsin. On the lake there is no boat station, and houses in the area either. I'm sure that my husband and I have been in this place alone. However, the photograph clearly visible figure of a little girl in the bonnet and apron. "

"This photo was taken at the cemetery, one of the tightly locked vaults. On it is clearly visible half of the man's face. A reflection of this can not be, because the glass in the window is broken. "

This picture was taken in 2012, in a private apartment in Oxford, UK.

It is a ghost with a "wheelchair" photographed in the basement of an employee of the nursing home «Kith Haven» Flint (Michigan). She says she saw him with my own eyes: a man in a white shirt carries a woman in a wheelchair. Her head tilted to the right.

"I was looking through the photos, and he noticed at the end of the corridor shadow of a man in a hat. At first I thought it might be a spot of damp - but that was not the case. Notice how this shadow fell on a large stone. In addition, the "hat" are visible even folded up the edges. "

"I live in the city of Ravenna, Ohio. In May 2007, my son took a picture of our house. We were all shocked to see one of the windows of an unknown child. When we bought this house, we were told that there have seen a ghost before. At the time, as this picture was taken in the house was just me, my husband was in the hospital - he had just had an operation to remove a cancerous tumor. "

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