Beauty care for men: the perfect appearance for a strong spirit


Men today are increasingly visitors cosmetic clinics. And it is not about show business or adherents an alternative orientation. It is brutal by men realized that in the interests of the business they need to look fresh and vibrant.

In this image does not fit either circles or dull complexion or bulging tummy. What Estheticians can offer a real man?

What should be the ideal male procedure. Firstly, comfortable that the process could kick back and relax. Second, the effective result to appear as soon as possible. Third, leaving no traces of outsiders like bruises or peeling. And for many important moment of privacy. Therefore, good clinics offer their patients the opportunity to go to the procedure, never faced with prying eyes.

Almost all brands of professional cosmetics have male line, designed to ensure the quickest and most lasting effect. A good example - Care Swiss cosmetics CellCosmet. All products contain valuable cells derived from embryos in the laboratory of the Lambs (no lamb at the same time, by the way, was not injured). You're lying on the couch and nap, and cause your face mask and serum from a special line for men.

If you do an intensive course of 10 such procedures with an interval of 1-2 days, leave wrinkles, tighten oval, lost bags under the eyes - in general, the view will be rested and fresh. Many of these are intensive courses before the important business trip or, for example, access to a new job.

Another option - a French cosmetics Care Filorga. It also contains living cells salmonids prepared and purified in the laboratory. In addition to the masks and creams in these procedures use special apparatus Cryolift. "Cryo" here means exposure to cold. With it, the skin can do wonders.

The device operates in three modes - cryomassage, krioliftinga and krioforeza (injection into the skin of nutrients). In other words, this is a great charger for vessels and muscles and a nice massage and the method of active introduction of useful drugs.

Among the latter - a special DNA gel that stimulates regeneration and revitalizes the skin. There are gel with collagen, which gives the effect of deep moisturizing, gel and elastin - it provides a lift. In general, you rasslablinetes, and your skin is alive and younger eyes.

Care requires not only the face but also the body. Especially the waist area - this is the most problematic area of ​​the male figure. Unfortunately, sedentary work and passion for gastronomy and alcohol is not conducive to the preservation of a flat stomach. Remove belly appeared a variety of ways. For example, go on a diet and start to download the press. Or do liposuction.

But then the other takes time, and the operation - it is also a pain. Fortunately, now there is a good alternative - ultrasonic body shaping course of 3-4 treatments give the same results as liposuction, but - no scalpels, incisions and anesthesia.

It is best to do this procedure on the machine of the last generation - UltraShape Contour I. It is the most accurate, fast and safe for the body to remove excess fat, not affecting the surrounding tissue. The point is that the fat cells of focused ultrasound. It splits its shell, and the contents then naturally excreted through a liver.

It is important that immediately after the procedure, which takes about 40 minutes, you can get up and go about his business - on the state of health of your weight loss will not change. But the appearance of the - how.

Judge for yourself: a single procedure can take up to 4 cm of the volume of the treated area. And the skin is smooth - no holes or mounds, as sometimes happens after surgery. And everything will look as if you are sitting on a diet and doing exercise. This, however, never hurt, but the result is in any case you will get ahead.

Another current proposal for the stronger sex - treatment of hyperhidrosis wet spot on his shirt in the armpits or wet palms are quite capable to jeopardize even the most solid business reputation. Unfortunately, to cope with the humidity and smell using deodorant or talc far is not always possible. And in the case of the hands is also technically difficult. Meanwhile, a radical solution to this vexing problem can be just half an hour.

Now, the problem areas are just doing Botox injections - yes, do not be surprised that most of Botox, which is used against wrinkles. It selectively blocks the passage of nerve impulses. In other words, your armpits, palms or feet - the drug can be administered in any of these areas - just stop sweating.

The method is completely safe - it has been thoroughly tested first American agency FDA, and then our Ministry of Health. A session with the whole preparation takes no more than 30 minutes. So it is suitable even for people with a busy schedule. By the way, the procedure is completely painless. Before injection, the skin applied analgesic ointment, so there is no discomfort.

Introduction of Botox to combat sweating - typically "male" procedure. And most often in the role of patient advocate is proactive and business representatives of the stronger sex. This is understandable: their way of life simply does not allow for the existence of such problems. And why suffer when you can forget about the discomfort in just half an hour?

It is worth noting that "EvroKosmet Clinic" - a medical institution with the widest range of the latest Moscow beauty aids. This means that the procedure you will not pick up on the principle of "we have an excellent machine, does literally everything!", But on the basis of the problems of a particular patient. Doctors advise dermatocosmetologists highest category and will provide you with an individual program of clinic staff will agree to a schedule showtimes employment clients, and for guests book a room at a comfortable hotel, will take care of transfers and nutrition. In general, there are not only carried out the procedure - here care about their patients.


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