China blocked the Russian poisoned meat?

Chinese imports of meat in Russia banned in 2004 - caused too many questions, and continues to be, the quality of products from that country. But, as it turned out, our market is, alas, not disappeared. Unscrupulous traders continue to import it through third countries under the brand of another manufacturer. This was announced last Friday, the head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov.
Chinese meat - not harmless products. For example, a few years ago in Vladivostok found the mercury in it. In addition, it may be infected with anthrax and foot and mouth disease. After all, a veterinary control in China a mess! The country is also not included in the Office International des Epizooties to the United Nations (an organization that monitors the quality of animal products). Is it any wonder that the Chinese import of meat is prohibited in almost all countries.

Meanwhile, every year the quality of Chinese meat products is only getting worse. And after the world food crisis broke out, it was altogether repugnant. Against the backdrop of high prices for meat, some manufacturers in pursuit of profit began to produce not just a low-quality, but also dangerous to the health of consumer products. In fairness, we note that in China all see it. Therefore, at the end of last year, the Chinese government announced a war against unscrupulous traders. It is expected that this year the country will be closed thousands of food businesses. Basically this small manufacturing located in rural areas.


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