Ridiculous Death

Hit Parade of the most ridiculous deaths in human history

Gathered from a cliff on the Segway

Jimi Heselden (2010). By an amazing coincidence, he was owner of the company
for the production of this type of transport. Overeating at the festival hosted in your honor

Julien de la Mettrie Offrey (1751)

Being hit by a cannonball during the salute in your honor

John Kendrick (1794)

Drowning in Beer Flood

Victims dondonskogo beer Flood (1814)

Stick a piece of whale bone into the urethra to clean it

Governor Morris (1816)

Wave baseball bat so hard to get a break bladder

Jim Creighton (1862)

Accidentally shot during a demonstration at the hearing the judge is supposed to be the victim of your client might kill himself

Lawyer Vallandigem Clement (1871)

Being poisoned, get shot in the head, get three more bullets to be clogged with batons, to be castrated, and thrown into the river in order to finally die

Grigori Rasputin (1916)

Drowning in a sugar syrup

Boston molasses disaster

Being killed bat pitcher

Ray Chapman (1920)

Being beaten monkey

Alexander I, the Greek

Burn in proper dress badly zazhennuyu matches

March Mansfield (1923)

To be decapitated the failed chain drive sports car

Gee Jay Perry Thomas (1927)

Broke his neck long scarf wound around the wheel of the car

Isadora Duncan (1927)

Committed suicide in prison, undermining the bomb, made of playing cards, which is composed of explosive chemicals in red paint

William Kogut (1930)

Fall into the stove through the chimney flue for mistaking balcony

Sirkka Sari (1939)

Get a heart attack after reading a negative own premature obituary

Marcus Garvey (1940)

Accidentally launch a rocket into their own ship

HMS Trinidad (1942) and the USS Tang (1944)

Being overwhelmed by huge piles of papers and books that he collected over the years

Langley Kollayr (1947

Split car racing after a bird hit in the face

Alan Stacey (1960)

Perish from the surfboard, which was lying on the roof of the car, the driver turned and broke his neck in a collision with another car

Worth Bingham (1966)

Die during the performance of a short circuit the microphone

Leslie Harvey (1972)

Drink himself to death carrot juice

Basil Brown (1974)

Be crushed between the moving wall and fixed wall on the attraction at Disneyland

Deborah Gail Stone (1974)

Die laughing while watching comedy series The Goodies

Alex Mitchell (1975)

Being poisoned umbrella modified

Georgi Markov (1978)

Being hit by a flying lawn mower model at an air show in New York

John Bowen (1979)

To die for the gaming machine after reaching a record in the game Berserk

Jeff Daly (1981) and Peter Bukowski (1982). Both guys were young and healthy, but got a heart attack.

Suffocation after swallowing the cap from eye drops

Tennessee Williams (1983)

Get the testicles tennis ball

Uertheym Dick (1983). After hitting Uertheym fell and hit his head on the pavement.

Being crushed by a few 10-kilogram boxes of quarters, braked sharply at the wheel of collector car

Hrand Arakelian (1986)

Throw yourself out the window, trying to show that it is impossible to break the glass installed

Gary Hoy (1993). It should be noted that the glass did not break, and flew out of the frame.

Chained themselves to a tree deep in the forest and throw away the key

Richard Summer (2002)

Too Dogo play in Starcraft

Lee Seung Seop (2005)

Win a dispute that you can have sex with two women within 12 hours

Sergei Tuganov (2009). He had swallowed a handful of pills Viagra.

Being crushed hay rolls in his car

Mike Edwards (2010)


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