In the United States shot young children

As a result of firing, which opened in the west of the unknown American city of Baltimore in Maryland, heavy injured boy two years old and three year old girl. According to local television station WBAL, the boy was wounded in the chest, and the girl in the lower part of his right leg. Children hospitalized in the children's ward of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

On the state of the affected children is not reported as unknown, and the reasons for the tragedy. According to RIA "Novosti", at the time of the shooting, which was opened by unknown children, they were in a small pool in front of the house where their family lives.
According to eyewitness testimony, only it produced 11 shots. Under investigation, the details of which police reporters not divisible.

The cases of use of firearms by the unbalanced Americans in the United States occur quite often, and the last case occurred in late February this year. The city Brostol, which is in the state of Tennessee, the young man opened fire on residents of multi-storey complex, which is inhabited mainly pensioners. As a result, three people were killed on the spot and one was seriously wounded.

According to police, the attacker tried to escape by car Chevrolet. Then he threw the car and attempted to escape, but was caught by the guardians of the law. Law enforcement authorities identified the suspect in the massacre. They found 26-year-old Rusty Rumley.


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