25 female phrases from which men want to cry

1. However, in this dress I did not look thick?
2. Good?
3. A transfer of "House 2" yesterday ...
4. And my mother said that it is necessary to do so!
5. What does $ 300 - that's a lot?
6. I can do everything myself!
7. What does this sign mean?
8. It is very interesting! Let me recount to you what was in the last series.
9. In this case, I have the right, not you!
10. Perhaps again?
11. I think it is not broke ...
12. My dear, we will have a baby!
13. I think you will not mind!
14. All men goats!

15. How many calories in it?
16. Do you love me? Why do not you get married?
17. You talk on the phone almost as much as I do!
18. Did I wrongly parked ?!
19. They say the beer is injurious to health!
20. I just told you a secret Maschke. She will not tell anyone!
21. You do it is not heavy?
22. How do you like my new haircut?
23. And behold, these gloves show. And this bag!
24. I'm a little late. No big deal?
25. Of course, I am a virgin


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