Gus Hidink: We were too naive

After the defeat in the opening match of the European Championship against
Spanish national team players and the coach of Russia tried for
hot pursuit to understand the causes of its failure.

We talked mostly about the error in the defense and that the result reflects the balance of forces in the field.

"We started the game and sometimes even controlled the match - admitted Guus Hidink post-match press conference. - But then for some reason, it turned on its head. Russia did not use their chances, while Spain has punished us for it. The defeat to blame themselves, goals conceded after the error, that is, do they have brought themselves. But I would not blame the defensive line loser - blame all. In the Spanish team a lot of experienced players who are around 30 years old. And the game was clearly seen that the opponent has surpassed us in wisdom. The Spaniards were waiting for our mistakes and clearly benefited from them. We actually turned out to be too naive. "

"Before the game, everyone thought that the Spaniards will play combination football and we'll catch them on the counterattack. But in reality it turned out the opposite - added the coach. - I repeat: let us down naivety. And, of course, good luck today was not on our side. We rocked and post and crossbar in the important, we can say the crucial moments of the match. But, nevertheless, I do not hide the fact that very disappointed. We have no more room for error. "

"I have no words, we made silly childish mistakes in the defense - said the goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev in an interview to" Sport ". - The impression that we first met and came to play such an important match. Although we were a month at the training camp and preparing for the game against Spain. I do not understand why in the episode with the second goal, we have to perform a direct delivery from a corner. At the pre-match installation, we were told in such moments to play the ball. Spanish intercepted and conducted a quick counter-attack, which led to a goal. We will try to do something in the remaining matches. "

"We tried a lot of attack, but have not succeeded, but the defense played a generally ugly, - stated in an interview with radio station" Mayak "captain Sergei Semak. - Problems in tactics. If we are not in an amount inferior to the enemy, in speed, in the one on one today we lost almost all Spaniards. Positive moments were few. In the first half, perhaps good we controlled the match, but in the second half of technical and functional played poorly. "

Semak told added: "In the first half we looked very good at the game and conceded only in the last minute of the first half. In the second half we are addicted themselves, and did not have time to attack and defense. It is no coincidence, of course. We went ahead and tried to score, and the Spaniards took advantage of our mistakes, because we have allowed them to turn around. They tried to play aggressively and Raman. We have some things out, but in the second half on our game to some extent influenced by. "

"At 0: 2 in the second half all ran forward, wanted to level the score, and began to miss the counterattack that led to the defeat. We also had an excellent opportunity in the first half and the second. Could not play so large, but did not realize their chances. Counter-attacks they were very dangerous. They fled and three in two, and two into one. All mistakes and try to analyze them not to allow "- promised Yuri Zhirkov, who had to operate at left-back.

"In general, the result of the match reflected the balance of power, although in the first half, all was not supposed to happen - lamented Roman Shirokov, who spent his first official match of the national team's central defense paired with Denis Kolodin. - The turning point came when the score 0: 1, we did not score. We tried to play our game. More control of the ball to him not to run. The first goal - the ball just knocked on our half, Torres ran after him, caught up and made the transfer. A second corner ... just played badly in the last minute of the half. We should have played better. We can not allow such mistakes. "


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