We are always to blame, than blame others

State of mind, which is in need of enlightenment, — is the certainty that human beings in need of enlightenment.

Most of all needs love and forgiveness of one sin, to believe other people are sinful.

Every person that allows others to consider him a spiritual leader must ask himself: “Why, of all the forms of experience available to me in the Universe, I choose this one? Why I follow the principle that so many people suffer, and I'm the only one "enlightened"?

In this sense, all that I see around myself. I see my own neprovidnost and so do not take it in yourself that you project on others, he was not aware of.

No matter how naive, stupid, or unloving themselves seem to us to others, we have no right to even entertain the idea that their consciousness is lower than ours. Maybe they realize a much deeper dimension of love. What we see is only a clear sign of our own vibration level.

It is those people whom we regard as vulgar, unenlightened, stupid, naive and crazy — these people will become our ticket to heaven, when we learn to love them and our feelings towards them.

We can Express this love outwardly, but may not show it, as we want. Does not really matter how we behave towards them. But we must be attentive to these people and love them for who they are.

Remember that every being contains within itself all that it ever was or will be. Until we perceive ourselves as limited beings, we are all the same distance from the center — where we are good or bad, healthy or insane.

It's tempting to hide from himself his vanity and to consider himself a bearer of enlightenment and the teacher of purity and virtue.

No one, including himself, such a man would not be interested in the true intentions and results — after all, he is actually not capable of something, but his words? Even if others can't reach his level, this is not his fault, and so constantly supported this game.

He continuously samovosstanavlivaemy its structure, yet does not want to understand that only by its own vibration cause the evil and ignorance that he sees in others. The more he hates evil, the more around the reasons for hatred. The more he advises others to oppose the material world, the more he binds them to him.

We are always to blame, than blame others. Everything we notice in others is in us. It is pointless to try to correct someone else's behavior. If people knew that he was doing something wrong, he would certainly not do that.

Denying his freedom, we also begin to make mistakes, we make mistakes just as he is. To accept the right of others to be different and not conform to our limited criteria is correct, smart, or enlightened — one of the most important and difficult steps of spiritual progress. In a sense, fortunate that the opportunity to make this step is provided to us every day..."published


Thaddeus Golas, "a Guide to enlightenment for the lazy"

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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