Generation, greedy for love

In my childhood there were no restaurants. Rather, they were, but somewhere else, sweet and distant as a foreign country, life, for some quite other people.

Twice a year my parents and I went for ice cream "North" on Tverskaya street on the occasion of the start and end of the school year (that is, if the diary is beautifully decorated five).

One day we went to a restaurant with the whole family on the occasion of finishing school — one of the first post-perestroika opened in Stoleshnikov pereulok. There were green lamps and the waiters are very arrogant, and remembered this unusual confusion on the faces of the parents, a General feeling of unease and tension.

Twenty six million six hundred seventy one thousand three hundred twenty two

As an adult I passionately loved cafes and restaurants. For me it is a symbol of prosperity and good life. And how much would I have to go to the most expensive, pretentious, the best of them, it will always be my secret room, hidden in the depths of a childhood holiday. As you know, if you childhood was not the Bicycle of your childhood home didn't have a bike.

My son grew up in completely different circumstances. His material needs are always and fully met. The best toys, the most interesting designers, the latest models of RC cars. Of course, his dad (another child hungry Soviet past) bought this not only for my son, enjoying the wonderful toys no less, and maybe more child.

Contrary to stereotype, he was just a spoiled Bon vivant of jaded. I'm proud of my grown up boy, he's lovely, very kind, smart, thin man, completely indifferent to any kind of tinsel, brands, brands, statuses and other adult toys. His "Gestalt" of things is completely closed, this part of life seems to him, to put it mildly, boring. And, judging by his friends, is a diagnosis of a generation: growing up in material abundance, they don't have for this part of the world neither interest nor respect.

Forty nine million eighty eight thousand three hundred two

Our parents ' generation was guided by the strange and absurd in our time, pedagogical ideas. They were afraid to give us "too much" grow with us "too free and selfish" — the poor our not-so-Mature moms and dads are generally afraid of their parents. And so, just in case, rarely praised, criticized constantly, rarely gave support, never petted, never knew about what unconditional parental love and all about love, spoke rarely, as something indecent. And here we have grown.

We grew up, but in many ways remained children without bicycles. Poor under-loved children was found with other under-loved children. Wrapped to each other their unreasonable expectations. Piled on top of each other its impossible demands. Tried to pull each other children's ideas about how it should be, all that we inherited mythology.

All these princes, who are always on a white horse, as dead, and, of course, never cry, not wrong, not making mistakes and not lose battles. About princesses that don't have other needs, but to delight, and in General, intangible fairies. About some beautiful one-sided relationship, where there are no conflicts in which loving people, not hurting each other, rather on the contrary, once you feel that you need, and easy reading needs, and most importantly, from all give, just ask the right language.

Our greed — excessively bloated greed of the child, very limited in their capabilities.

This greed is not able to recognize their own and others ' limitations.

We need to immediately and all: to the soul of the company and all directly died from envy, but monogamous, and all in the family.

So well earned and was realized in his own case, but spent a lot of time with children and found the opportunity to be on hand.

To sit at home with the kids but was still very luxurious and bright. Was deep, thin, sentient man, but paid no attention to the rudeness and indifference.

Not to forget about anniversaries.

That was not old and was always cheerful.

Not to come out of contact when scared. Answered right away when asked. I'm so need it! Is it so difficult to give?

We crave absolute merger absolute love, absolute acceptance, absolute fidelity. But no matter how much we needed it — we are adults in contact with other adults who are different from us. And do not compensate each other for foregone in childhood. We hurt hit reality frustrated, resentful and lonely walks away, leaving behind the ashes and not held meetings, relationships, location, living with real people.

Meanwhile, life is so fragile. Time is so fleeting.

Let's see: that someone chose us to spend this short time my life around. Understand? Huge, generous gift, for which, perhaps, is to grow up, to accept the imperfection of this world and to overcome their greed.

Let's enjoy what we have and learn to be content with little. Only here small? published 


Author: Mar Zdanowska

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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