Russian tourists are 9 times worse than the British and the Germans

Another survey of one of the world's biggest travel agencies Expedia showed that the attitude to Russian tourists has not changed one iota. As before, more than 4,000 thousand owners of hotels, interviewed Agency, believe that Russian travelers are at the end of the list of preferred guests. At this time tourists were evaluated on several parameters: behavior, generosity, the desire to speak the local language, neatness, interest in local cuisine, style of dress, and so on.

The best tourists, according to hoteliers become the Japanese, despite the fact that they have almost no interest in the language of the country where located. But they are very polite and quiet of all travelers. The British and the Germans, in spite of the bad behavior and scandal, appeared on the second and third, according to hospitality professionals. Maybe because they never leave behind heaps of trash and clutter. In clean rooms it was the Germans, the British and the Japanese left far behind all the other tourists. The fourth and fifth place ranking settled Canadians and Swiss, nothing special. However, Canadians were the most loved by tourists in their own country, that is significant - usually in hotels with more friendliness to foreigners. As well they treat their tour in Belgium and Switzerland.

Americans are in 11th place, and noisiness of the brand scandal but praise for their willingness to try the local cuisine, and an attempt to explain a few words in the language of the hospitable country.

The Italians and the Greeks, Turks, Spaniards and Mexicans consecutive, taking place from 14th to 17th, mainly due to their stinginess and hype. Not so much "scandalousness" as specified in the ranking, as is likely, for the overall high level of noise. Italians, who were in the top three on the scandal, can be identified at any beach or any Palace - the usual habit for them to converse with one end of the beach to the other about the weather or the mood of his wife (and the reason for it), not at all embarrassed by the presence of strangers. But the optimism of the Italians and their ability to enjoy life can only envy, and their desire to share them with the world.

Russians, who took 18th place ranking, recognized the most generous, after Americans and Canadians. Strange. Typically, the most famous problem of Russian holidaymakers, after a grim expression on his face and not knowing the language, is the reluctance to pay tips - no guides on excursions or maids in hotels "all inclusive". The shew of fellow tour guides leading groups of Europeans on Pompeii during a lame duck, accompanying Russian - the most that neither is compassionate. Alas, none of the drivers, none of our ordinary tourist guides, which are abroad, most do not remember. So the legend of the "generosity" is attributed to the owners of hotels in Courchevel, St Moritz and Kitzbühel. The latter is obviously not cut the branch on which they sit. Or twist the pipe.

But even the generosity of Russian oligarchs could not win rudeness, reluctance to learn foreign languages, darkness and mountains of rubbish that is left on vacation for a lot of our fellow citizens. Alas, it did not win even money.

Worse Russian, strangely enough, it turned out, the amount of balls, French. All despise them for failing to teach local languages ​​(and English, too), avarice, lack of basic courtesy and scandalous. And even the ability to beautifully and stylishly dressed to the French did not help. Strange, because for the same shortcomings of Russian brands on all resorts, but the generosity attributed to the owners of the northern taiga oil wells apparently eliminates some impressions of our compatriots. You can not say about the French. Below them in the ranking was only the Indians and the Chinese. Even though they were not included in the list of the most niggardly tourists - there with the French were the Danes and the British.

It begins a new season of holidays. And Russian travelers still have a chance to prove to the world that we have not only the fattest pipes in the world, but also a beautiful smile, a sympathetic heart and hand, to attach to the right place, which is quite capable to bring plastic bottles to the nearest bins at the beach .

Have a nice holiday!


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