Everything tends to symbiosis. The universe is constantly evolving in two directions: on the one hand increases the amount of chaos, with another - the amount of the order. The amount of entropy is conserved.

The thing that we represent here - this is another result of attempts to organize the chaos (the professor and long-cheer for the team). Lozhkovilka - Army Plankton ultimate weapon in the fight against hunger, which combines two classic dining tools, thus making a daring attempt to permanently eradicate the chaos. It did not work, but we lozhkovilkoy still use today.

Lozhkovilka has terrific ergonomic shape, weighs very little, because is made of titanium, and of course extremely durable, for the same reason. Just imagine how much food it can be destroyed in no time without the need for tool change!

Dimensions: 15.625 cm x 3.75 cm at its widest point, the price of 450 rubles.


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