Difficult time to Hummer

For many years, the brainchild of General Motors, Hummer, was a symbol of American wealth. Many of his soul power and a spacious interior. But the rising price of gas and oil from the brand arose some trouble.

The Baltimore Sun article published new data on the tank car. Sales of SUVs up until the end of June fell by 40%. A Hummer also has the dubious honor of being the most maloprodavaemoy automobile brand in America.

As for the owners of this giant: they are faced with blatant disrespect and contempt that they have for car drivers of other, more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient cars.

But despite this car at heavyweight will always be loyal fans, who have the ability to pay a fairly high price for a big car with low emissions.

Chopped masculine style of car still makes coming to auto showrooms all new customers suffering gigantomania.


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