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If in the framework of the international competition «Car of the Year» was any scandalous nomination, say, "The most shameless avtoplagiat", the prize would go to Russia, to the creators of this car. Do not be surprised and do not rub your eyes - the photographs not an American Hummer, workaholic and the Soviet GAZ-66, cleverly disguised as transatlantic car "icon". Manufacture of machinery with the provocative title "Partizan" established near Moscow craftsmen.

Looks? And how! Familiar proportions, distinctive "chopped" silhouette, wide track, large wheels and a characteristic "flat" ... Before you - Hummer H1 in person! Listening to the cheers of others, developers of "partisans" gleefully rubbing their hands, if the car will know, then, cloning was successful and the project failed.

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What is the purpose of creating a false Hammer? In indulging dudes! And the creators of the machine do not hide the marketing idea of ​​the project. Have you ever noticed how many people have pushed the landside stalls with Chinese copies of Swiss watches? After all, everyone knows that buys primitive "tikalku" that a month would be in the bin. But for the opportunity to shine "golden" Rolex four hundred rubles is not a pity. And who among us, trying to impress classmates, do not fit into a packet of Marlboro cigarette factory Dukat?

The car "Partizan" - a godsend for those who love to splurge and tends to look "more" of their income. But from cheap Chinese crafts and things psevdofirmennyh Partizan is characterized in that under the guise of a recognizable offered to the buyer is not a one-time "filling", and quite well made content, albeit devoid of corporate gloss.

Chassis "Guerrilla" is a shortened chassis of the truck GAZ-66 "family" units and apparatus: engine, transmission, transfer case and suspension elements. To keep a low hood line and to provide a low center of gravity, the car makers have shifted the power unit back and dropped him deeper into the frame, simultaneously changing the point of attachment of the generator and the power steering pump. The middle part of the body - it perekroennaya cabin "sixty-six" with unified glazing, but the hood and the rear cargo area made of glass reinforced plastic, glued on new matrices. Great to get.

Against the background of resemblance with overseas prototype interior of the car is already disappointing: artisanal panel of gray plastic, unpretentious devices, overcrowding ... But to create a comfortable interior and the "stuff" interior electronics makers "Partizan" and were not going to - the car still utilitarian. Four soft seat and baggy "bench" on the transmission tunnel - what else is needed for country journeys? In contrast to the GAZ-66, the gear lever and advanced transmissions from "partisans" are not located behind the driver, and in a familiar area. But the efforts they were "cargo", so that no management skills are not synchronized with the machine box behind the wheel is better not to sit down. Gnashing gears, double-clutch squeezing, peregazovkoy - Ah, nostalgia! But even after prilovchilis "drive" lever to the desired position and rotate the slippery steering wheel to the desired angle, desires "rysachit" driving does not occur - pronounced cargo "family tree" of the machine makes itself felt in everything and great cools ardor. Very low steering sensitivity, "unobtrusive" brake "oak" suspension ... What do you want from "shashigi"? Say thank you, that the V-shaped carburetor "eight" with peak torque at 2000 rev / min forgiving with a choice of transmissions. Shakes is on a shaker? Also nothing surprising, because of the relatively low curb weight "Partizan" "sixty-sixth" suspension does not "work" constructively laid progress, and make it better dampen irregularities except that you can decrease mezhlistovogo friction springs (this usually use special PTFE inserts ). Noisy in the cabin? To hell with him! Look better in the mirror - the people on the side of the neck folds. And behind the whole column has. Be careful not to overtake - so respect! Oh, sorry, that none of the bystanders will not be a witness of our off-road trick, as "partisans" have something to show!

On snow cover depth "in polkolesa" pseudo-Hummer confident going in second gear "top" number of transmission: this mode of movement - the most comfortable on the road. Firstly, it is not necessary to compete in arm wrestling with the of heavy "poker" box (the motor is running without any strain and "twisting", and under the pedal has the necessary reserve of thrust), and secondly, you can safely stop and back away from rest - carburetor " eight "quietly pulls the car in second gear. Do not gallop, of course, not a lynx, but the movement is quite confident and, most importantly, safe - in front of an obstacle always have time to precipitate. Hillock or slide? Then we turn on the first and - forward! And if you pull the lever "razdatki" ... However, feeling the traction potential of the "Partizan", it is difficult to imagine an obstacle to overcome is the car will need a reduction gear - except for the arrival on a very steep climb with a solid ground. Splitter here - probably an element of comfort: the lever pulled, pulled a rope hand throttle, set the direction and approximate - you can relax. When maneuvering in cramped conditions (eg in the forest) will provide a reduction gear "creeping" mode of movement with a margin of traction, which is also convenient.

Domestic tire KF-105A, in which "shod", "Partizan", operate with quite low (0, 8 bar) internal pressure. Soft tires confidently cling to the frozen ground, and have well-developed self-cleaning side lugs, through which the car confidently selected out of a rut. Centralized system swap on GAZ-66, the "guerrilla" No, but by and large, it did not need it - in the case of jams tires helps ensure travel back along its track. The main thing is to remember that "Partizan" - it is, after all, not a real Hummer, and an impressive stock of space under its "belly" - an optical illusion. The true ground clearance of 260 mm set Carter of the main transmission, and off-road can not be discounted greater likelihood to sit on the bridges. Dependent suspension, "sandwiched" cargo powerful springs also imposes certain restrictions - in particular, upon arrival of the obstacles at an angle diagonal display comes too early. Theoretically, such a situation should assist cam limited slip differentials (they are installed in the cross-axle gear GAZ-66), but the absolute rigid locking they do not provide. However, it's all the nuances of the second order. For hunters, hikers and fans of cross-country travel on the road of this machine is quite sufficient and maybe even excess - to find out the true limits to the "partisans" have to be very brave driver.

For the basic version of the car, "Partizan" manufacturer "asks" one-tenth the price of the Hammer - $ 10,000. A good offer for people who dream to become the owner of the car, as two drops of water similar to the venerable American SUV. Well, the reliability of the car, built on the platform of the military spent decades hardly should cause particular concern. And if that's the breaks, problems with repairs and finding spare parts is not there - the "iron" for the GAZ-66 is complete.


Seats 4

Curb weight, kg 2200

Carrying capacity of 800

The weight of the towed trailer, kg 2000

The maximum speed, km / h 110

Maximum gradeability, degrees 40

Depth of fording, m 0, 8

Turning radius, m 9, 5

Engine ZMZ-66-06

Power, hp / rev / min 125/3200

The moment Nm / r / min 294 / 2000-2500

Suspension semi-elliptic leaf springs

Fuel consumption at a speed of 60 km / h, l / 100 km 20

Fuel tank, l 105



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