Cup "make a choice"

"You have tea or coffee? How much water? How much sugar? "It's nice when you're so concerned about. But when the same information quizzed several times a day, it starts a bit annoying.
Well, it so hard to remember: coffee with milk, half a cup, half a spoon of sugar. It is easy, when you're alone. When wishing to enjoy a hot drink much more?

Cup "make a choice" is indispensable for the office staff, and will come in handy in the house. Once denoting her choice, each time have to remind "me a spoon!". And you're guaranteed to get it into the hands of his coffee with a spoon of sugar, not sweet green tea a neighbor.

Moving the metal plates on the outer surface of the vessel can be varied choice of drink, the amount of sugar, the presence or absence of milk, cream and lemon in the cup. Thus tea a day you can easily make coffee without declaring everything that today you drink tea with lemon, and no caffeine or sugar. Everything will be written on the mug at your desk.

And, you can give this device a strict boss, who has seven Fridays in the week. And his personal assistant would receive much less reproaches for having guessed wrong today drink his boss. It is only necessary to teach the use of the boss a cup of miracle.


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