Eco-friendly Cup from Luis Enrique Sardi

Every morning millions of people throw in the trash the plastic Cup after drinking the coffee. However, not many think about the fact that first, they throw in the trash the money, and secondly, take an active part in the pollution of the planet with plastic waste. Until recently, the only solution to this problem was own mug brought from home. But the designer Enrique Luis Sardi has proposed a creative way out.

For those who don't want to pay the extra money for a morning Cup of coffee and who cares about the future of planet designer Enrique Luis Sardi has proposed an unusual creative solution. Working with the Italian company Lavazza coffee, it is suggested to combine a cookie and a Cup of coffee. It turned out a vessel that you can eat, after the coffee it is drunk.

Those who have already had a chance to try edible eco-friendly Cup, I assure you that it tastes delicious. Inside the biscuit Cup is covered with a layer of special icing sugar that makes the Cup of water, or rather coffee-impermeable, and at the same time sweetens the espresso.

Besides that it is delicious, eco-friendly Cup from Luis Enrique Sardi allows to solve at least 2 environmental problems: first, the coffee lovers don't have to use plastic or paper cups that require disposal, and secondly, you do not need to waste water in order to wash the dishes after a meal.

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