Watch a circle-wheel

The simpler, the better. Rather than an interesting idea, the easier it should be interpreted. Perhaps such thoughts were guided designers, working hours, quite unlike the clock.
Not a wrist or on the desktop or on the wall. And like in a folded ring centimeter.
Lexon Company has decided not to bother with the elaborate design of hours - as a result there was a genuine and rigorous model Lexon Around. Small size table "otmeritel" time otherwise you will not name.

Can it serve as an alarm clock? As his factory and is it necessary? To these questions there are no answers, at least to me. It is known that this device operates from a single battery and highlights the current time in red or green.
I consider ideal for rigorous office, moreover, that sustained the models in black and white colors. Edakii office style, which does not undermine. And the highlight, respectively, in the form itself. As they say, simply and tastefully.


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