The man continues to progressively mutate

process of mutation of man are the wave character. This was on ECOFORUM 2008, which was opened on the eve of the northern capital, said scientist Nikolai Bochkov (Moscow).

He explained that the received pulse mutation develops a sinusoid with a period of 4, 5 years. As it turned out, this wave is not correlated with solar activity, and with fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field. Stressing that it is very important to know those involved in statistics, of course, if she does not wear a custom character. That is, it is necessary to make comparisons as appropriate, taking into account fluctuations of the wave nature of the process, rather than the previous and subsequent years, said "Rosbalt».

Mutation causing human factors radiation, chemical and biological, that is, the state of the environment. Depending on the strength of the impact factor changes occur at different levels of the organization man (gene, cell, and so on. D.). Nikolai Bochkov noted that a work of art of the ancient world show that hereditary pathology observed for 5 thousand. Years ago. But today, mutations occur on a large scale and diversity. Statistics say that 20% of mutations - "achievements" of recent times. Effects of mutations are: to increase the diversity of human growth and birth defects, accelerate the aging process, the emergence of a large number of body hair. Each person in the course of his life undergoes several mutations.


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