8 signs of a healthy love.

It is logical that in a love relationship thing - love. A basic principle of healthy relationships - love another person as he is. What are the main signs of a healthy love?

1. When two people enter into a loving relationship, the life of each of them becomes thicker, fuller and happier.

2. No provocation of jealousy. People are already prone to jealousy, for various reasons: lack of confidence (as a result, a partner), Complexes, rivalry, so you should not deliberately cause this feeling.

3. A loving person does not require proof of a partner reciprocal feeling. When healthy love relationships, both partners are in the same conditions with respect to each other.

4. There is no desire to change the partner. If you want to change a man - in fact, you do not like it. Do you want to fix it for themselves, to make it more convenient for you. And like you in this case, too, only themselves.

5. Love should make people happy, but the society of your chosen does not guarantee you happiness. Only you can make yourself happy or sad. Do not annoy each other with phrases like "I'm bored." Intelligent people do not get bored even society itself.

6. Complete the unpredictability partner loosens nerves and kills feelings. Absolute predictability kills and induces feelings gray boredom. Choose a gold center.

7. To find happiness as a constant value, it is necessary to love wisely and be prepared to compromise. If your partner is silent in response to your indignation, that does not mean that he is weak, does not mean indifference. This means that he has a hand in which he holds himself.

8. Remember to marry a prince on a white Mercedes, you need to be very princess in a red Porsche. Your life values ​​on most issues must be the same, otherwise endless disputes will not give you peace of mind and inner harmony of love relationships.


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