Parable: "The world is what it seems."

Two angels-traveler stopped for the night in the house of a wealthy family. The family was inhospitable and did not want to leave the angels in the living room. Instead, they were placed overnight in a cold basement. When they spread a bed, older angel saw a hole in the wall and sealed it. When the younger angel saw it, he asked why. Senior said:

- Things are not as they seem.

The next night they came for the night in the house of a very poor, but hospitable man and his wife. The couple shared with the angels little food that they had, and said to the angels sleep in their bed where they can sleep well. In the morning after waking angels found the owner and his wife crying. Their only cow, whose milk was the only family income, lay dead in the crib. Younger angel asked the elder:

- How could this happen? The first man had everything, and you helped him. Another family had little but was willing to share everything, and you're allowed to have only one cow died. Why?

- Things are not as they seem - said the senior angel. - When we were in the basement, I realized that the hole in the wall was a treasure of gold. Its owner was rude and did not want to do good. I repaired the wall so that the treasure was not found. When the next night we slept in a bed, the angel of death came for his wife host. I gave him the cow. Things are not as they seem. We will never know everything. And even if you have faith, you have more to inspire confidence that everything that comes, is in your favor. And it will understand eventually.


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