Hello Euro.

Now I was curious where the place in the margins of power, from which so abundantly gush consuming insanity? Or is it the coke works well with mushrooms?
Who can give in any way intelligible explanation of why you need to block the Khreshchatyk May 28? What for? For the preparation of? Then what, may I ask? What is unusual are going to create in the central street of the capital? No, it's probably done for the greater convenience of citizens. Or, to get used to. As in the joke with a goat.
I do not know. Never in these non-voting. For others it was once. And then, most against these than for those. That's all. Well, you can not keep this stuff. You can not. It is unnatural. We also consider all the cattle. And if the state is inherently violence against the person, then at least some dividends from this, citizens must have, in addition to the Sunday show on Khreshchatyk?

Inspired by the puristic morning traffic movements in the city center.


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