Stylish candleholder with their own hands.


Decorations for the house with his own hands to do simple. You can use any means available, including ... pasta. This candle holder is easy to make your own hands made of curly pasta with glue and paint.

For the manufacture of candlestick you will need: curly pasta, super glue, spray paint silver or any other color, stearic candle.

To make a candlestick pasta Dock with each other and glue superglue. To give a rounded shape holder can attach small pasta angled to the base. Round out the candle until until a bowl shape.

Make candlestick any irregular shape and the desired height. Leave to dry the glue for a few minutes.

Paint the resulting candlestick paint. Allow the paint to dry and put a candle inside. Candlestick ready, you can light a candle! This little hack for the house will help to create a romantic atmosphere in the evening, or to become an ornament to any meal.


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